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Why here, this little corner?
What is this place we all gravitate to?
To me, it is living proof, that no-one has to be alone,
Even after years they return,
They’ve hit that wall, they can’t sleep, the midnight oil to burn,
Until they’ve written that verse, that poem,
That one that seems to bring peace, yet, less sleep,
Where perhaps, personal blessings are given,
Important things, thought about to forgive which in turn are forgiven,
And…..There we sit, no longer alone,
Logged in….Putting words together one by one,
The old familiar feeling, welcomed, as it creeps in,
Here….Where hearts can be mended,
Where fragile souls and feelings are tended,
It’s relaxing, stable, comforting,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2015
About this poem:
Sorry I am a little rusty.....I haven't really written much in what seems to be a very long time.
I was reading from some poets earlier, and got to wonder what this place has that is so special, that so many other sites try to emulate and fail miserably....I for one am very grateful for this place, and all of the poets here, both now and in the past.....It has helped me a lot in many ways since I joined, I would also like to say thank you to people that have kept up with me over the years even when I have been AWOL for a while....Thankyou!....I won't embarrass you in public...You know who you are!...LOL

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Comments (15)

well, lol, i'll embrace you in public andrew
comere you reunion

thanks for your sweet poem hon

it is very good to see you teddybear
Thankyou BY....It's lovely to see you too!....In Public?...WOW! LOL.
Will see if I can stay awhile this time, have been told I need to get back to writing a
Hello Andrew! good to see you back though I myself have been away,I'm getting rusty too slowly going to seed I feel.I wonder if I could pen two poetic lines.Loved these lines Andrew,thank you,hope all is well.Though I was not active on PC yet used to read poems and comments.Wherever we may roam we come back home to our cosy corner here.
Here….Where hearts can be mended,
Where fragile souls and feelings are tended,
It’s relaxing, stable, comforting,
purple heart heart wings teddybear thumbs up
I echo your sentiments exactly! Wonderful to see you Andrew....teddybear
trurorobonline today!
I think its because it is more people interactive than other sites Andrew, stil always good to see old faces around.
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Well hmmm I do seem to see some familiar faces here laugh

Andrew you are missed when you are away. It does seem like so many of us do keep coming back to this quaint little corner. And the familiar faces is always nice to see.

Hi Paloma, it is lovely to see you and hear from you again, I am sure if you had a quiet 10 mins that you really could put some lines again soon hey.....Andrew...xxxcool
Wish I could have 10 mins quiet time,I am so tired that I cant think to be poetic.I am more thinking about diets for my better half.dunno teddybear
marikiaonline today!
Why here? Because one doesn't have to be an accomplished poet to be here, one doesn't even have to be a poet and write anything, this corner is not even about writing a poem. This corner is about making friends and communicating with them in public and in private. Everybody who comes here with honest heart and kind intentions knows that the feelings of joy, anticipation, happiness, disappointment, resentment are almost the same as in real life, and that whatever we are doing here is in fact life. Why here? Because friendship blossoms here same as in real, otherwise how could I have addressed my distant friend from Nevada with these words of comfort:

A Message to a Friend

My friend, I know you’re having rest, are sleeping now,
It’s night, sweet dreams to you, forget about daily strife.
This Valentine we’ve missed our chance, we failed somehow,
But our disappointment isn’t new, experience tells as much.
This time it proved to be a missed call, we didn’t fit in,
Still failed to find our place on the Olympus mount of Love.
This I would say to you: we shouldn’t stop believing,
There’s still some hope we can rely on while we climb.
Forget, this Valentine’s a day and nothing much,
Write message as I do, come close and I will tell you why.

Thank you Andrew, my friend, you've made my day!hug bouquet
Rusty? words writtenfrom the heart can never be rusty. Unless they're scribed on tin.
Enjoyed reading this beautiful piece.
Hi Jaz, Great to see and hear from you!....Glad you like it....
I sit here guilty of the same my friend, not been on so much in what seems life forever as well. I remember a few years back when it seemed like my world revolved in the writings in here and the souls that have touched my life. I guess from time to time we get the block and life takes on these times that may otherwise be spent in the corner here. yes I for one miss those days and the bunch of us that had pens and a mind that never ran dry......cheers and I enjoyed your write.....cheers as always....
Hi Rob, Great to hear from you too!....I think there are probably far too many reasons to actually fit on a page, let alone in a is just fascinating to me that while here there are so few rules, and what there are, are applied loosely, we are mostly self governing as a community yet there is far from chaos, with no monthly meetings or regular interventions from the site owners at all really.....This place really is a study of how a community of people can work.....
there's a lotta fine people here hanging out with you Andrew...
excellent pen as expected from you Andrew I am not here much either mainly on Poetry Soup and I have been very busy as I signed a contract for my next book with Penguin the other day which will be released in July called Wistful Thoughts hugs
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