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Fairies drift aimlessly by,
Butterflies, flutter by,
Bees clambering over buttercups,
Daisy chains and dandelions,
A penny tossed in the wishing well for lady luck.

A beautifully floaty summer dress,
Open air sonnets, an ale shared in the shade of a tree,
Sandwiches of salmon and watercress,
Conversations of……Oh! ….”Just this and that”,
Broad smile from under the wide brim of a linen hat,
All for the company of two, who, just want to be.

Present and past, memories of summer,
Memories for just one’s self, or maybe,
A future, one and another.
Pleasant things we don’t let go,
Memories made to last through the years,
Through the disappointments, through the tears,
The months of biting wind and winter snow!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015
About this poem:
When I was young we used to call the fluffy dandelion seeds that drifted around, "Fairies".
Written on a cold, dark winters morning in UK..... I think, Thinking about summer is a nice thing to

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Comments (5)

Hi Andrew
How Wonderful!



teddybear bouquet cartwheel
Waking up on this cold winter morning it was lovely to be reminded of summer with this ever so lovely poem.
Hi Sophie, thankyou....glad I got
hey andrew,
i love some of the imagery here !
.. despite my appreciation for winter (and my love of snow lol)
this is just really feel good happy place

thanks for bringing this to us
Hi Titania, my pleasure.....Summer's coming.....Andrew...xxxcool
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