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Mortals and bricks and steaming streets,
Back to back tenements,
Behind boarded windows, tramps and downbeats,
Low strung power cables that no longer buzz,
Sputtering candles, replace the light,
Where electricity was......
Before the bulldozers came!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015
About this poem:
It seems to be a neverending cycle since the very first buildings of one settlement being demolished so the next can be built and it still goes on today.....Progress they call

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niah9online today!
I was just looking at old photo's of Deal where I hope to relocate too....before the upgrade in the 60's. It reminded me of the same 'upgrade' in my hometown on the Thames in the 60's. Sadly neither are appreciated this struck a cord with me......
Nice to see you Andrew...guess we come and go....Kathydancing
marikiaonline today!
It is sad, I agree, to see old buildings "where electricity was" and life thrived, go, and only in memories of those who occupied them once they will stay for a while. A building is like a human being making room for another human being when time comes.
“Like vanishing dew,
a passing apparition
or the sudden flash
of lightning - already gone -
thus should one regard one's self.”
Life is transient, but better not think too much about such things.
Best wishes for the new year, dearest Andrew, be happy!gingerbread crazy
Hi Niah, thankyou, yes you are right, we all move on, we go forward!....Andrew...xxxcool
Hi Andrew ....good to see you back posting ......hope all is well .......i find it interesting that places can just get that run down....but in saying that still be able to provide shelter for the less fortunate........good write ...regards Nuhandshake
Dear Marikia, so good to hear from you, I hope you are well. Don't worry, I am not dwelling on this too much...excuse the pun....It is just something I wanted to write about, especially at this time of year when there are a lot of people out there maybe not as fortunate as ourselves.
I hope you have a really lovely year ahead, and the same goes for you as you said to me....Be Happy!
Kindest regards,
we forever see change but is it in the right direction i ask myself at times excellent pen dear friend angel grin
Hi Andrew! To my delight I see you posting again. A fantastic tribute to before. hug
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