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just because

well you can see with your eyes
that I still have survived
all your dirty little lies

and if you look close dear
it quickly will become clear
that I haven't any fear

I'm not gonna' live in your world no more
I'll not be your carpet to walk on the floor
I'll not look back as I head out the door
for I am a free man

just because you have all the money in the world
is no reason for me staying
still look mighty good like you knew you would
and that's all that I'll be saying

just because you have everything your way
I'll not be around for another day
I've sunken far enough into this decay
now I am a free man

when you neutered me just because you could
well, it knocked me for a loop
and just because I hung around with my head in the ground
ever deep into your soup

I'm leaving this life of being your mop
I'll get off now, I think it's my stop
I'm sure that I'll find my way to the top
just because I'm a free man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
a little fiction to fill the category. I'm hard and fast forever in love with my dear wife, Lyn....! we met on this site and this coming october 6 we'll have been married three years. it's a trip man! I love her so.....

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"Just because I'm a free man"
I know too well not too many who are in this situation can get out of it easily. I've seen one and I know at times it's a matter of life and death. But I hope those in the situation you described here come across your could give them hope; it could shine some light. Denial has taken away their eyes so they can't see. Fear has taken away their strength so they can't move. Indecision has take away their will to even try. Thank you I sure can appreciate the sentiments you explored in this piece. bouquet
thankfully it is fiction and you are still head over heels in love.. Amen.. purple heart bouquet
laugh laugh bet many can relate to your excellant poempeace
well thank you....
Hi, hedistuff,
It's great to read your entertaining, liberating poem and know that it is fiction; because, that means true love is alive and well in WVA. Welcome back to Poet's Corner!
Hi Hedi,

Haven't caught up with your stuff for so long. But the original style is still there. Cheers mate cheers
thumbs up fantastic as always sirlaugh laugh just because ,youre a free mancheers grin
This is a good poem .thanks heart wings
Great poem, so well expressed....Thanks for sharing hedistuff...cheers grin hug thumbs up
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