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may our footfalls carry us tandem friends
ever fenced only by beginning and end
green fields of forever lie before us and we are a great sythe
never to reach an end to our thrashing, thus never to die
though be of deep golden grain or lush valley clover
sweet bounty will fill as our sate uncapths over
with no predilection of path, we’ll leave no trail
any thought of intercept could never prevail
for long ago caution was tossed overboard
we’re of no hesitation to fall on our sword
preservation lends itself only to thrive as free
without that, it’s no place for you and me
as loose of all rein was ever our vow
no past and no future, our destiny now
but we’ve become twisted, racing to unwind
we sought to have all, leaving nothing behind
as there is no beginning, there can be no end
our wiles may but lead to a land of pretend
that has captured and held us with nothing to gain
only ending up leaving us life without aim
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2013

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