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it's been thirty years or more
since i felt this way
but the roles had been reversed
i didn't realise but thats okay
i love music in all forms
so to work with it i never minded
but its interesting to note
life measures make you blinded
The volume i used to love
has now receded to so low
so when my son turned it up
it put a rut in my brow
i remember when we did the same
old mate had a fit
told us it turn it down
when we ignored he got the shits
he took a running leap
with his size eleven following suit
collected that radio sweet
made that radio mute
i chuckle when i think
of those days when we were lads
how much grief we would have stirred
when we thought they were glad
so to have my boy do the same
nostalgia did recall
the presence of my memories
the past i did befall ........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014
About this poem:
i always wondered if this fella would haunt me ..........he he ......i think i have turned into the pain in the butt this fella used to be ......if only i knew

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