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Love's Decline

I grapple upon the slippery slope.
My frenzied eyes pleading for a rope.
My soul has died and thus my hope.
I'm slowly sliding from the icy slope.

The icy glare is also in her eyes.
Not a thread of mercy to idolize.
The gold haired beauty runs away.
I know her well this last painful day.

Now perpetually falling, gently turning.
My fate certain as is my yearning.
Why did I love her and speak it?
Now I think as my heart she breaks it.

Through the cold air I gently glide,
While I await my imminent collide.
What to have differed now with thought?
The epiphany is if I could I would not!

I know my fate is to be without you,
Have my tormented heart break in two.
My cruel empty soul's inability to cope,
Yearns for... the plateau above the slope.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2009
About this poem:
The Pain of Lost Love
-from far in the past!

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Comments (9)

boyshchrm - full of real heart felt emotion...i enjoyed the poem and hope you find the plateau :-)hug teddybear
I like this poem, a few words for me to google as well in it...
Made me "feel"
This is a great poem, but sad, for I can feel your pain. I hope things get better in the New Year! Bless You.
Thanks Jazzy. The plateau representative
of even ground in a relationship.thumbs up angel cool grin sad flower
Thanks very much for your
comment thumbs up cheers
trurorobonline now!
perhaps a few cold beers will do the trick my friend, blanks the mind for a while!
Thanks PinkPoetress. Was a
while ago. C'est la vie!cool angel angel hug
Yes Rob a few beer has helped, but..guess
it is just time and determination
that angel thumbs up cheers
crying So sad crying
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