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trade ya

the container sits on a dock portside
just waiting to be taken for a ride

I always try to think inside the box
what's there, bound where, be lamps or locks

commerce of manufacture from nation to nation
a whole community's labors creation

sits in steel boxes stacked six high
multi-colored presents for people to buy

the container ship sinks lower in the port
as the boxed goods are stacked of every sort

green boxes, blue boxes, yellow and red
electronics, wheels, maybe cheese spread

from my neighborhood to yours and back
then onto a truck or maybe train track

stuff circles the globe every day of the year
on container ships bound for some faraway pier

eventually boxes are stacked in some store
and people buy things from your distant shore

the global economy keeps spinning around
as nation to nation we are all bound

© agoodguy2have 2010-04-26
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
ok it's definitely not Pulitzer material but ... I live pretty near a really large port. I was riding home and this was just lying there beside the road so I stopped and picked it up. I'll take it to the vet and get its' shots later... ;-)

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Comments (8)

agoodguy2have - ...I see these containers most mornings stacked double on the train tracks! Thanks for bringing my awareness to what actually might be inside them...maybe next time I will not think they are merely an!wave
hedistuffonline today!
another quirky observation relation...keep 'em coming! funny comment..thanks..
careful it doesn't bite ya! thanks, goodguy, needed a smile right now. they're probably filled with junk from china, or is it the junk you fill to go to china...confused laugh applause
trurorobonline today!
most are full of crap!!, but then life goes on in our moneteristic world!!.(is that a word??)
Great fast rhythm and refreshing change from 'love'. Thanks.thumbs up
A good observation on our world and the way we live, thankyou....Andrew.
interesting observations guy,...I enjoyed that.
Hi, agoodguy2have,
I have photographed 'this' scene that you so nicely captured in words. Yes, the global economy keeps spinning around binding us together. It is good to think of the inter-connectedness of people and things...and wonder what's inside the box and not merely look at the packaging.
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