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one in the round

there is beauty and violence here
is there beauty in a hanging body?
of course! the beauty of conviction
the streets mean and rivers raging
the people vanish in waves, torrents

can more be said as the innocent
bake in deserts of desolation
while shimmering mirage beckons
with shade and cool water just ahead
turning to oasis of redeeming reality

as senseless violence continues
unabated whilst beatified altruism
surrounds each villainous accretion
of rock on heart that just won't end
always another happenstance of will

a small boy helps his grandmother
in any trivial way, gladdening
then drowns in the afternoon pool
fates, oh, the fates always stringing
pulling this way and that, the lives
of all the actors, some passion play

the part cast trivial or challenging
when the angelic take center stage
and say their eloquent lines,
bringing the audience to its feet
applauding the meaning of life
it is after all a worthy endeavor
and bowed, the grateful of accolades

© agoodguy2have 2010-08-03
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
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Comments (14)

I like this one GG, there is a lot of truth in it too......Thankyou......Andrewcool
All true in this write, meaning of life???? I know my own, but thats allhandshake
Stunningly penned and love the intelligence and depth. Where you percieve balance, I see duality, thus different stance, happen..
I do feel the unrelenting harshness of destiny or fate, however. bowing typing
Written from Afghanistan? Well written GG! applause
Hi, agoodguy2have,
when the angelic take center stage and say their eloquent lines...therein lies meaning-filled life and happiness in defiance of the streets mean and rivers raging. Accolades to the poet!
Well written poem,I liked it GG.thumbs up handshake
yes the world is a stage..
all corners suffer

applauding the meaning of life
it is after all a worthy endeavor
and bowed, the grateful of accolades

trurorobonline today!
makes me sad at times, but good poem Dave!
This was really quite thought provoking. And to me, brought to the fore the farce of political opportunism. handshake cheers

Great poems allow people to see many things and so it is with this one.
Very interesting agoodguyteddybear
excellent...I suppose that one could never imagine nor realize, as they appear naked 'before the mast...
How would one like myself compliment such a great writer and his work, I truly admire your skills Goodguyhandshake
i agree with rob- great poem but did make me a bit sad. kiss
Brilliant write my friend...very thought provoking. I just love this line, "of rock on heart that just won't end" do know how to play the words to the max :)cool
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