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RE: Divorce

That protest by done by Indians. Not by the other country people. So you can think rape is big issue here thats why millions of people came on the road to protest in every city/place in india. every other person talks that india is a land of rapists( which seems childish) ..just by reading one article in news paper but never thinks that why it's in international new paper because rape is biggest incident here. rape is bigger crime than killing ( in our society) and our media never think about what message would convey on tourism showing the negative image of india.
Rape happens everywhere. there are rules and laws in every country rape but it still happens.

Men and women can enjoy equal rights( which is human given) but they can never be equal becoz god made them

RE: Divorce

Btw Indian women enjoy more rights and privilege than men in India.

What statement you are saying is given by one stupid person in (1.27 billion)population...I think you dont know anything about media also how they make a small thing bigger/sizzling/hot?.
Media is more about business and making money... not to help people in need.

You said (dream's thoughts) about India so i thought to give you some knowledge.

RE: Divorce

So u know nothing about constitution..( rights from USA and directive principals for state policies from Ireland).
its means what rights American citizen have we enjoy same rights and our govt have to make policies what is written in a constitution like ire land.

You are tell me a strange country name where rape and domestic violence doesn't happen.

you need to read first about your country so i m helping you


RE: Divorce

You seem literate as you said you read ...I dont know what you read in your studied...but I am improving your knowledge. india has biggest written constitute in this world and the directive principles of state policy are taken from ireland, and rights from USA.....lolzz

In which world u r living..laugh

RE: Divorce

no its normal things not about the land..we live in same earth. there are many ireland people will support what i say.
we cant say 1=2
both have negative and positive qualities...but both are not equal.
about 1
negative= this is smaller number
positive= it comes at first place.

about 2
negative= it comes at second place.
positive= this is bigger number.


RE: Divorce

He must be busy preparing his speech for grin

RE: Divorce


Women can never be equal to men but they can be better/higher level( of anything) than men but never equal...

It's just my

RE: Divorce

Ali If i tell what i feel. a Few people asses could burn..and i dont like smokey ppl...tongue

(truth is always bitter)-fake and stupid line said by stupid person in past.

RE: Why are you looking for one younger than you?

If that must be committed presently..M i wrong??


RE: Who should approach first: ladies or men?


hahahah...I was not tell this make up will work on u...i was saying general. there are many other ways too...
If any lady want to impress guy can contact me. ( nothing comes for free)..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Who should approach first: ladies or men?

you are right guys prefer natural beauty but...just think you were natural but someone didn't notice u....then ???

1)Sexy dressed
2)good make up might do something...lolzz

RE: Who should approach first: ladies or men?

Yes thats why beauty products and sexy dresses are available in the market grin

RE: Who should approach first: ladies or men?

Okey..So u have done
I feel women dont need to do it because I think they are approached everywhere and all the time...but they dont notice it.frustrated


RE: Who should approach first: ladies or men?

Berry is not a scammer i knew it from the beginning.laugh

RE: Who should approach first: ladies or men?

I love watching cat fightssmitten

RE: Who should approach first: ladies or men?

Your comment always seems interesting..
I would like to know...have you ever approach a guy..If yes how many times?
what was the result i mean success rate?

RE: Good girl

No...thats not in our culture..
No one hit the elder even can't matter how powerful someone is...

father is like a god according to indian culture...

but if its someone else...I dont need any protein..

RE: Good girl

Big guys have angry father too...and do u know it doesn't matter how big and old i m. Its called just respect what i do...and I dont want him to hear any bad thing from anybody...hug

top secret...its has been a long time no one kicked my butts and i have my pairs of pants and i dont wanna change my size of pants( butts gets bigger if they kicked properly)rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing


Yes its applies on both...
Scientific studies says women speak more words( around 15000-20000) per day and men speaks ( around 5000-10000).
but some men over take women in this matter U know we guys are competitive
laugh laugh


I am somewhat agree with you..

As i always say how to make any lady perfect..? its just tape her mouth sometimes...laugh laugh
but it makes her perfect not beautifulcheers



Everylady is beautiful..
If u asked about hot,sexy
I could have given u a list..bouquet

RE: Good girl

most of the girls here say they are good girls but no one shared their Skype id to me and any other person here yet...might have sex kit.

so i think they are badvery mad

RE: Good girl

I have to care...becoz I am always scared of my dad.uh oh

But when i m not my dad's place I do whatever i feel like...lolx

Yeah I can understand...population is increasing because most of people are pretty interesting in f*ck than other stuff....

I am sorry to hear.yay

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