11 Ways to Annoy Your Man

11 Ways to Annoy Your Man

Men and woman are very different creatures, and our relationships can be complicated even at the best of times. Add in the obnoxious behaviors that just come naturally to both sexes, and you could have some real problems.

What are you doing that's seriously bugging your man or turning guys off before the sparks even have a chance to ignite? Take a look at this list to see if you are guilty of these 11 annoying behaviors.

Be Obsessively Self-Conscious About Your Body

If you're anything like any normal human being, there are parts of your body you'd like to change. You probably want certain spots to be bigger or smaller, longer or tighter. Everyone has these insecurities, but you'll do yourself a big favor if you can keep all that crazy in your own head.

Your man wants to appreciate, adore and explore your body. So let him! Accentuate the parts of your body you love, but don't dog the parts you don't. Keep the lights on now and then and watch your lover's eyes as he takes in everything he is lucky enough to have.

Learn to say thank you when your man says you're beautiful. Don't contradict him.

Complain About Getting Hit On

Confidence is sexy, but bragging is not. Yes, it probably does turn your guy on when other men notice you. However, you should not be the one to point it out.

When you talk about how other men are interested, he is either getting the message that you are full of yourself or you are warning him that you could do better. Neither is attractive.

Refuse to Eat

Men know that women are people. They are fully aware that women have gas, use the bathroom and must consume calories in order to continue living. You can probably get away with picking at your food on the first couple of dates. After all, you may be nervous if you really like him. But after that, you need to introduce him to your healthy appetite.

People don't like to eat alone. It makes them feel like pigs. It's no fun for him to scarf down a cheeseburger while you nibble on a piece of lettuce. Besides, you can't keep up the bird act for too long. Eventually he's going to discover that you go home and devour a bag of potato chips after every date.

Paying too much attention to what you eat can also give him the idea that you are self-conscious about your body and may not be adventurous when it counts.

Nag, Nag, Nag

It's not that you don't adore him. There are just certain things you wish he'd do, or wouldn't do. He keeps telling you he'll clean out the garage or bring you roses or stop leaving his hair products all over the bathroom, and yet he keeps displaying these obnoxious behaviors. What's a girl to do?

Here's a hint. If he's not changing his actions when you ask him to, he probably has no intention of ever changing them. He's just telling you what you want to hear so you will leave him alone.

You have two options here, and one of them isn't to continue harping on the issue. You can either decide it's not worth it and just let it go, or you can decide it's a deal breaker. If it's that important to you, then tell him in a straightforward way that you simply can't live with his hair gel gumming up your sink. Ask him if he's got a solution or wants to end the relationship.

Act Like His Mama

Most men want to be taken care of to some extent, but they usually don't want to date their mothers. Stop buttoning his collar, telling him when it's time for a haircut and spitting on your own finger to wipe something off his face. That's gross even when his mom does it.

Dress Like a Tramp

Your man wants to delight in your body, and maybe he even wants other men to notice what he's got. But he doesn't want you putting all your charms on display for the rest of the world to see.

It's okay to show some skin, but leave something for him to unwrap later in your relationship. If he likes you in trashy outfits, wear them on evenings when the two of you stay in together.

Be Offended by Everything

Guys often make occasional tasteless or off-color remarks, especially in front of their friends. Before you fly off the handle, try to determine if what you're hearing is really that bad. Sure, it might be obnoxious, but is it worth fighting over.

If you do find something your man says or does particularly offensive, refrain from bringing it up in front of others. Tell him later that it bothered you when the two of you are alone. If he cares about your feelings, he'll make an effort not to say those things again in front of you. If he tells you that's just the way he is and you have to get used to it, you'll have to decide whether to continue the relationship or not.

If you let most things go, your man is more likely to take you seriously when something really doesn't sit right with you.

Don't Make a Decision. Ever.

It's nice when someone else takes on the responsibility of making plans and taking charge, but don't fall into the trap of being a complete dishrag when it comes to making a decision. If a man asks you where you want to eat, offer up some options you like. Tell him which movie you'd like to see or whether you're up for going out.

Above all, do not sit and whine at your menu like a four-year-old because you can't decide what you want to eat. Make a choice.

Lie About Yourself

It's really amazing how many people will blatantly lie about themselves during the first few weeks of a relationship. Do you really think that given enough time to get to know you, he's not going to care anymore that you have 17 cats? Or are you telling yourself that you have plenty of time to become a gourmet chef by the time your relationship gets serious?

Your mom's advice is sound. Be yourself. When you pretend to be something you're not, you effectively shut down his trust in you before it can even be built. Sure, some skeletons should be taken out of the closet more carefully than others, but be sure you are showing him the real you.

Text Him Constantly

Texting is a fabulous dating tool. It allows you to send cute, flirty messages on the go that make you feel closer to the other person. It is, however, not an excuse to check what the other person is doing every minute of every day.

Your man has a life of his own, and hopefully, you do too. If he doesn't return your texts immediately, it's probably because he's busy. Never send more than two texts in a row, and never, ever send texts asking why he hasn't returned your texts.

If you don't trust your man, then the two of you have bigger problems than his refusal to promptly answer your texts. Back off.

Nitpick His Every Move

Some women have a tendency to see a relationship as a sculpture in progress. They make constants tweaks or corrections to ensure that final product will be the masterpiece of their dreams.

You need to remind yourself that your relationship is not going to be perfect. This man you love is going to do lots and lots of things that get on your nerves, and you are going to have to completely ignore about 99% of them.

Relationships are not works of art, and people cannot be sculpted. Constantly trying to change and manipulate your man will only make him feel like he can't possibly please you.

Part of being in a relationship is making compromises, and there's a huge amount of space between doormat and control freak.

If you're lucky enough to find someone you love being with, give him some space to be himself. Avoid these 11 annoying behaviors, and you'll be astonished at how much happier you both will be.

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What bubble has consumed THAT man!.

We as women have moved so much further into what we feel is great for us!
YOU don't like it, Sweet! You'll never know the Lana or Mrs Smith
I could address each complaint you entered, yet it is so old school.

there you are...

I'm over the snoring big guy.

Don't suppose there are any jobs going written these daily BS articles?
If so, I'm your man.
The only challenge would be limiting my BS to one per day.
Call me! tip hat
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