Differentiating Between Love and Lust

Differentiating Between Love and Lust

Have you ever wondered if what you feel is love or lust? Both love and lust are very intense feelings, so it is easy to confuse one with the other. Nevertheless being able to distinguish love from lust is important. Knowing the difference between the two can help you to avoid heartache. It can also help you to recognize and walk away from a relationship that isn't really going anywhere.

Pure Passion

Lust is a feeling of extreme sexual yearning for another individual. When you feel lust, you desire the other person the way a junkie longs for his next fix. Lust can lead to a fluttering heart, and even make you tremble. If the thirst of lust is not satisfied, it can develop into an obsession. However lust differs from love because it has only one facet and is founded purely on physical desire. If you feel lust for another individual, it will be based on their physical appearance rather than their character.

Relationships that are based on lust do not generally last for a long time. That's because lust has nothing to do with the other person's feelings or opinions. Hence once the urge to have sex with that person has been satisfied a certain number of times, your interest in them will start to fade. Of course there may be nothing wrong with having a relationship that is based purely on lust, provided both parties recognize it for what it really is. That way nobody need get their feelings hurt.

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