Five Ways for Men to be More Attractive to Women

Five Ways for Men to be More Attractive to Women

Men who are trying their luck on the dating scene have a lot to deal with. Finding places to meet women, approaching ladies they have never met before and mustering the courage to ask for their phone numbers are just a few examples. Before any of this can occur, however, a single man looking to meet some new ladies must make sure that he is well-groomed and looking great. Here are five tips to help men be more attractive to women.

Find a Great Cologne

Surprising as it may be to many of us as men, many women notice odors just as much as they notice appearance, if not more so. Most women are attracted to guys who smell good, which means that a man looking to attract a single lady should find a great-smelling cologne to apply before going out. Everyone's tastes will be different, so shop around until you find something that suits you and that you can stand smelling like throughout the day.

Get Your Hair Under Control

Many men find the idea of putting a hair product in their locks to be quite unusual, but it is one of the best ways to quickly and easily make yourself more attractive to a woman. Having neat and well-styled hair is not only visually appealing to a woman, it also tells her that you take pride in your appearance. Gels, pomades, clays and light leave-in conditioners are all options, and which one you use will depend on the type of hairstyle you're trying to create. Experiment with a few different styles to find out what you like. If you can't decide, go to a hair salon and find out what the experts would recommend for your hair type and face shape.

Wear Clothes That Fit

In the interest of comfort, many men wear clothes that are much too large for them. While this may be more comfortable than tight-fitting clothing that hugs the body, it definitely isn't a good way to appeal to a woman. Instead, try to find some clothes that fit you a little more tightly. They don't have to hug you, but they shouldn't hang off of you or have a great deal of empty space in them either.

Consider Growing a Bit of Facial Hair (But Not Too Much)

Many women find a man with a small amount of facial hair to be attractive. However, in order to make sure that your facial hair will appeal to a woman instead of turning her off, it should be neat, well-groomed and fairly low in volume. There are very few women who don't enjoy a bit of stubble or a well-trimmed goatee on a man's face, but women who love bushy beards are in shorter supply. Having a small amount of facial hair also gives you the chance to better define the lines of your jaw and chin by shaving cleanly underneath of them to create the illusion that they are stronger and more prominent, which are physical characteristics that many women find attractive.

Get Some Sun

Many women prefer guys who have a bit of a tan as opposed to those who are ghostly pale. This doesn't mean that you have to start slathering sunless tanning lotion on yourself, but just get a bit of sun outside when you can. Having a healthy tan also evens out your facial complexion, minimizing any blemishes or spotty areas in your skin. When tanning, be sure not to go overboard, as extreme exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time can cause sunburn and in some cases skin cancers.


Following these five tips will get you well on the way to looking great to ladies you are interested in. Of course, there is a lot more to appealing to a woman than physical appearance. Intelligence, sense of humor and good listening skills are all personal qualities that ladies find attractive, but looking great physically is also an important component of attraction.

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