4 Signs You're Dating a Pessimist

4 Signs Youre Dating a Pessimist

A pessimist is no fun to be around in general, but dating one can be even harder. You have to be around them much more and likely talk to them about more than you would anyone else. The following are 4 signs that you are dating a pessimist:

1. He complains about everything

A pessimist will complain about anything and everything. He can complain about the sunshine because it's too hot and the next day complain about the lack of sun because it's too depressing. A pessimist is never happy with anything the way it is. He refuses to look at the bright side of any situation. He can easily turn a small setback into a sign that his life is doomed and he should give up altogether. He won't forget to complain about you either. No one is safe from his constant complaints. He may complain about your driving, your walking speed, or the fact that you like to browse when shopping.

2. He's not ambitious

A pessimistic man will not bother with goals or trying to better himself because he sees no point. He thinks he's never achieved anything before because someone or something is always holding him back. This is enough reason for him to not try anything again. He will hear other people's success stories and regale you with his own woes in life. He will claim it's not fair that other people get all the breaks and can further their careers and educations, while he cannot.

3. He ruins your good mood

If he can ruin your good mood, he is definitely a pessimist. Whether you share a good news story your heard or a success of your very own, he will bring your mood down. He'll find a reason to not be happy for you. He may use comments such as, "you know something bad is on its way now," or "enjoy it while it lasts." You may end up finding yourself not wanting to share your good news with him because of how you feel after you do.

4. He will complain that you complain

You might be a bright and cheery optimist, but he doesn't notice that. What he does notice are the rare times you do complain about something that really gets to you. He will act like you do it all the time. He may get upset with you with and claim you're a pessimist, even though he is one himself.

Trying to change a pessimist into an optimist is not an easy task. You can try to influence him with your own optimism, but don't expect him to be impressed or want to change. If you are an optimist and find your mood being dragged down by your pessimist boyfriend, it's probably time to call it quits.

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