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Tips For Ending A Bad Relationship

Tips For Ending A Bad Relationship

At some point in your life, it's extremely likely that you will consider how best to end a relationship that is not working out. Despite the fact that it is causing distress or boredom, ending a bad relationship can be difficult. For this reason, many people repeatedly opt out of ending a bad relationship, even though they know that they should do so imminently. Staying in a bad relationship can damage your self-esteem in the long-term, so it makes sense to be ending a bad relationship as soon as you start to realise that things are going downhill.

Ending an abusive relationship

For some people, a "bad" relationship is caused by physical or emotional abuse (or both). If this applies to you, ending a bad relationship should be a priority before the situation escalates further. This is often easier said than done though, as abusive partners tend to have a strong hold on their victims. In addition, many victims are afraid that their abusive partner will continue to cause problems even when steps towards ending a bad relationship have been taken.

In this situation, it is probably a good idea to avoid ending a bad relationship face-to-face. If you are worried that your ex-partner may continue to cause problems, it may be worth contacting the local police and taking out a restraining order. While this may not be enough to deter him or her, there will be legal implications if the restraining order is broken. Another option is to become part of a specialist program that helps women to escape abusive relationships.

Ending a non-abusive relationship

A "bad" relationship does not necessarily have to be abusive. In many cases, a bad relationship simply means that one or both partners are not happy in the relationship and want to move on. In this situation, you should veer towards ending a bad relationship as cleanly as possible. This can involve sitting down and discussing why the relationship has not been working for you in a rational way, rather than resorting to arguing and trading insults. Resolving to stay on relatively friendly terms is also a good idea, even if you suspect that you are not going to be friends after the break-up. Ending a bad relationship should still involve some degree of maturity, even if you have no intention of staying in touch. By sticking to these simple guidelines, ending a bad relationship does not have to involve bitterness.

If you are currently involved in a relationship that is not working out, it is best to leave as soon as this becomes apparent. There is little point in struggling to keep the relationship alive once it has turned sour. Fortunately, ending a bad relationship can be relatively painless (for the person who is ending the relationship, at least!) if you make an effort to keep things civil and mature. However, if your bad relationship involves any form of physical or emotional abuse, your main priority should be focused on ending the relationship and staying safe... and this may involve getting outside help.

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Value yourself. Trust your deepest instincts if you've given the relationship enough time and don't compromise your value or mortgage your soul and emotional health for sex, money, gifts or other cheaper things. . .wait for the real deal.
In response to the above comment....

What if the person you are trying to end the 'bad relationship' happens to be the parent (father/mother) to your kids? And you want your kids to see their parent...That means you'll always have some sort of contact with them....Even with taking legal help to stop them having any contact with you...

What do you do then....?
Just say no~

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