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The Hunger Games: Would You Rather Date Someone From the Capitol or From District 12?

The Hunger Games Would You Rather Date Someone From the Capitol or From District 12

Before you get serious about dating, it's important to set priorities. Knowing the type of person you want to meet before you start accepting invitations will save you time and heartache. The movie "The Hunger Games" provides food for thought for this question, as the film starkly contrasts two groups of people – the privileged class who live in the Capitol, and the hard-working men and women who are assigned to District 12. The film brings to mind questions about the values inherent in our culture, providing a basis from which to evaluate what is important to you in life and in love.

In District 12, people don't have many opportunities for entertainment due to economic deprivation and long hours put in at work. However, dire situations such as this one can bring out the creativity in individuals, who make the most of the environment they have. A District 12 man or woman is likely to enjoy good conversation and take delight in simple pleasures. The outdoors may be important, and familial relationships are meaningful. If you date someone from District 12, you may find bliss in the simplest picnic lunch.

The Capitol offers an entirely different breed of people. Men and women are likely to take equally as long when preparing for a date or to go out on the town. Appearances are important, as is money. People from the Capitol appreciate fine food and wine, and go to extreme lengths to find the most stimulating entertainment. If you're the type of person who enjoys the latest trendy restaurant or a stimulating Broadway show, a man or woman from the Capitol may be more your style.

People from the Capitol are accustomed to seeing other people as commodities that can be used for the production of food, fuel and other necessities. If you become involved with a man or woman from the Capitol, don't be surprised if your relationship is both short and shallow. Capitol people are more likely to be interested in one-night stands or even swinging – you're unlikely to find a life partner amongst the glitz and glamour found there. If you're up for a casual relationship, the Capitol is where you'll find it.

While people in District 12 may at times seek a casual relationship as well, this approach to dating is less common as these men and women don't have the time or the resources for this approach to dating. You're more likely to find a serious relationship with a District 12 person, who will be quick to introduce you to their family and is likely to be appreciative of your own. Don't play games with a District 12 person, as the gravity of life in this area is often overwhelming without the added stress of romantic teasing or drama.

While the roles we play in real life are certainly not as defined as they are in the movie, many potential partners fit into one of these two categories, however roughly. Think about the lifestyle you would choose if you were transported into the dystopian "Hunger Games" world and consider how you can best honor your values in your own romantic life.

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