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How To Get A Second Date With A Hot Girl

How To Get A Second Date With A Hot Girl
GUYS: Think about it. Have you ever met that dude that just rubs you the wrong way? You instantly hate him and you can't pinpoint why. He seems to interrupt every attempt you make at conversation with something completely uninteresting and lame. The entire time that this clown is running his mouth, he's looking at everything and everyone except you. It's as if you aren't important enough to grace his field of vision. Every word that comes out of his mouth is bragging about some aspect of his self-proclaimed "epic" life, which he clearly believes to be better than yours. All you can manage to think about are desperate ways to escape him and never have to see him again.

If you've ever gone home from a first date with an incredibly hot girl thinking everything went great, only to never hear from her again, you just may be that guy.

Dating isn't easy. Fortunately, there are three easy rules that you can follow to ensure you never come off as this much of an arrogant jerk again. In fact, if you follow these rules, you'll come across as just the opposite.

RULE #1: Eye contact.

It's simple, and super effective. If you look at her when you're talking, you'll create a higher level of intimacy and flirtation, as well as a higher level of trust. Nothing screams, "I'm a serial killer," like refusing to look her in the eye. As soon as you make eye contact, she'll feel much more comfortable and ready to make some small talk.

RULE #2: Ask her lots of questions about herself, even if you really don't care.

It's a fact; people love to talk about themselves---especially if the topic makes them proud or self-confident. This being true, the easiest way to make a girl feel good is to get her talking. Ask easy questions with the potential for long, giggly answers. Some good starters include asking about her pets, the last movie she saw, or what she likes to do when she has spare time. Bad questions to start with are questions like, "So what do you do?" Every other guy she's been dating has asked her this. Not to mention, most people these days hate their jobs, so asking this question could make her unknowingly degrade herself, which is not what you want. If she brings up her job, and seems to like it, then ask away! Other things to steer clear from are asking about her family or where she went to school; these can be downers too! Stick to easy, fun topics that make her list her interesting and exciting experiences and qualities. The more she makes herself feel good by talking about these things, the more she'll associate hanging out with you with feeling awesome.

It may seem strange but one of the best questions is to ask what her three irrational fears are; they're usually interesting and you can learn major points for your responses. Whatever you do, try to make her feel like you're genuinely interested in what an exciting person she is.

RULE #3: Talk about yourself only when asked!

Telling a girl your life story, how great you are, and how much everyone loves you, only makes you look like a self-absorbed airhead, and this is not what you want her to think. Girls want a guy they can introduce to friends without worrying that he'll come off as a flaky jerk. The easiest way to ensure a squeaky clean image when dating is to find topics that aren't only about YOU. When asked, feel free to talk about yourself, but keep the bragging to a minimum! After you answer, always respond with one of those fun and easy questions about her.

With an evening full of flirty eye contact, reminiscing, and an inexplicable sense of growing self-confidence, how could any girl resist a second date? All you have to do is make her associate hanging out with you with feeling happy, comfortable and special! Apply these three dating rules on date number two and who knows? You might just get to that highly sought-after date number three! Good luck!

Comments (2)

Wow... Rule number 2 REALLY sucks... How can you give such advice?... I know... You want guys to fail for them to keep login in this site... I totally get it... Great article!... Jajajajajajajajajajaja...
"RULE #2: Ask her lots of questions about herself, even if you really don’t care."

should be...

"RULE #2: Ask her lots of questions about herself, but only if you actually care."

The article's title is also cynical and in poor taste.

It's bad enough that those tempted to behave in such a self-serving predatory manner have already been deceived by their experiences into believing that the results can be anywhere nearly as rewarding as honest and sincere relationship, but the act of actually submitting others to such deception and manipulation is nothing short of a social crime.

Many other articles here (admittedly, I've only read a small sample) seem to take a much better line in regards to desirable social responsibilities, but this article immediately stood out in being so inappropriate.

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