Five Body Language Signs That Says She Likes You

Five Body Language Signs That Says She Likes You

Body language is a great way to figure out if the date is going well. In fact, over half of communication between people doesn't even involve words. Knowing how to read her body can help you figure out whether you're having a good night or a great night.

Erik Hanuseen, Wolf Messing, and Giorogor Rasputin are some of the most famous mentalists in history, but they did not actually have psychic powers. They just paid attention.

Over fifty percent of communication between people is actually non-verbal. She could be talking about celery, but her body could be screaming that she wants to get out of there and have her way with you. Being able to read her can help determine whether you should keep hitting on her or if you should move on to greener pastures.

The Neck Stroke

If you've ever made out with a lady, you know how much she likes necking. The neck is one of the most erogenous parts of the human body, and touching it is a great way to get a guy's attention. The neck is, after all, one of the smoothest and softest parts of the human body. Men are apparently attracted to smooth and soft skin, so this is a great way for her to try to get your attention. So, it's a good thing if she's touching her neck.

On the other hand, if she's hiding her neck she's feeling a little nervous about you. Depending on your play, this could either be a good sign or you should move on to a girl who moves at your pace.

Dilated Pupils

Dilated pupils are difficult to spot, especially in a dark room, but detecting them is worth the effort. Often called "doe eyes," this expression is one of the most definitive signs of sexual desire. If you've got these eyes aimed at you, you're doing well, especially if that gaze is on you for an extended period of time. Obviously you may have to play close attention to her eyes to find out whether they are dilated or not, but that may work in your favor anyway.

Other ways of spotting it involve looking around the eye. The muscles around it should relax, and her gaze should be a little unfocused. Of course, if she's looking at someone else with that look, or at the cake, you should act accordingly.

Leaning In

Leaning forward can be a sign of aggression in men, but in women it is a sign that she's into you. She wants to get closer to you, maybe put her head on your shoulder. Generally it's a sign of attentiveness and interest. Your date wants to learn more about you and she wants to make sure that she does not miss a thing. This is an especially good sign if you're flirting and she leans in. That means that your flirting is working.

On the other hand, seeing her slouch might not be such a bad thing either. She might just be extremely relaxed and comfortable with you. It may be a good thing if you're talking about sex or something risqué and she feels relaxed. It would have a different meaning and may not be a good thing when talking about other topics.


If she's touching you, you're in a good place. A touch on the arm is fantastic. That means that she is comfortable with you, comfortable enough to reach past her comfort zone and make first contact. An embrace, a hug, or even holding hands means that she regards you as a close friend, if not more.

Do remember that no touching doesn't mean that she doesn't want you – it only means that physically, she is not there yet. Some women need their own time to get there.

Crossed Legs

Crossed legs generally indicate comfort. If she has her legs crossed, it means she's comfortable where she is, and that's a good sign. It means that she doesn't want to run out on you. Running or getting up fast is difficult with crossed legs, after all. Crossing her legs also lets her show them off, which might be a sign of her trying to impress you or attract you.

While over half the conversation is delivered through body language, you must remember to take it within the context of your current conversation. To truly figure out if she likes you, you need to take the topic of conversation into account. If you're talking about each other and you see these signs, you're doing well.

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