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4 Signs You Are A Submissive Girlfriend

4 Signs You Are A Submissive Girlfriend

Being submissive is not the way to make a man like you. A real man does not want his girlfriend to be submissive. He wants a woman who respects him, but also herself. Here are some signs that you might be a submissive girlfriend.

1. You let him order you around

Are there days when your boyfriend feels more like your boss or your father? Does he tell you what to do and when to do it? If you are a submissive girlfriend, you will do exactly what he tells you to do. Being a good girlfriend does not mean giving into all of your boyfriend's orders. A good boyfriend also doesn't order his girlfriend around, so it's important that you don't give him the impression that he can do so.

2. You don't stand up for yourself

Does your boyfriend yell at you or call you names while you just sit back and say nothing? This is how a submissive girlfriend reacts to being treated poorly. It is not good for you, your relationship or your self-esteem to allow someone to treat you with disrespect. No matter how much you love someone, you must stand up for yourself.

3. You let him make all of the decisions

Does your boyfriend choose where you'll eat, who you'll hang out with on the weekends, and where you'll go on vacations? You might feel like a wonderful girlfriend for always letting your boyfriend have his own way, but what about you and what you want? Those things matter just as much as what he wants. It's important that a couple compromise. One person shouldn't always be sacrificing for the other.

4. You ask his permission to do things

When you begin to feel like you need to ask permission from your boyfriend to do anything, you know you're a submissive girlfriend. If you are an adult, you need permission from no one to do anything. You don't need to ask to leave the house, or if you can wear a certain outfit or to talk to anyone. Don't let anyone make you believe that you do need permission for things. While you may talk things over because you are part of a couple, in the end the choice is yours.

Remember that you don't need to sacrifice yourself to make anyone else like you. You don't need to do their bidding and let them control you... and they won't respect you if you do. Being yourself... an individual, is what you want people to like.

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i heart beating submissive girls!
Hi. Loking me -
Unless your in a submissive/dominant consensual relationship.
Very true.thumbs up
wonderful - tks i'm thankful for the read

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