Dump Your Boyfriend for Good This Year

Dump Your Boyfriend for Good This Year

Whether it's the start of a new year, a new month, or a new week it's never a bad time to dump a boyfriend who, for many reasons, is just not right for you. Being in a relationship is a two-way street. Here are 6 reasons why you should dump your boyfriend for good this year.

1. He doesn't support your dreams and goals

Someone who truly loves you and wants the best for you will support the dreams and goals you have for your life. If your boyfriend attempts to keep you from achieving your goals or tells you they aren't good dreams, you should dump him. You deserve to have whatever you want in life and someone who is a big part of your life should support you. Don't let a boyfriend bring you down and hold you back.

2. He expects immediate attention

If your boyfriend gets upset that you don't answer his texts, calls, or emails immediately, it's time to break off the relationship. You can't live your life at someone else's beck and call. A grown man should be able to wait 5 minutes or an hour if need be. He cannot expect you to answer him right away when you are at work or simply doing something else. It's often the sign of a possessive man when he expects you do drop everything, including work, simply to answer a text or call from him.

3. He wants a mother

This may be the best reason to dump your boyfriend this year. You don't want a man who needs a mother, you want a man who wants a girlfriend. If your boyfriend expects you to do his laundry, pick up after him, and do all the cooking, you need to dump him. It's not your job as a girlfriend to take care of your boyfriend the same way his mother would. If he wants that kind of care, he can move back into his mother's house. If you are living together, you, as the girlfriend, should expect him to take on half of the chores that need to be done. No one person in a relationship deserves to be catered to.

4. He tries to box you into his routine

Even though you have a boyfriend, you are still completely entitled to live your own life, and it is actually better for your relationship that you do. But if your boyfriend tries to get you to work your whole life around his, this indicates a problem. He may think that he is more important than you are. Many people these days think that they are far busier than everyone else, but it's not true. Everyone is busy. If your boyfriend expects you to work your life around his, it's time to dump him. Relationships are about compromise.

5. He wants you to foot the bill for everything

A man who expects you to pay for everything isn't worth your time. Whether he's trying to save his own money or he's blowing all of his money on himself, if he's under the impression you should pay for everything, you're not in a fair relationship. One person cannot be expected to pay for everything while the other person simply enjoys being treated constantly. This could also lead into bigger expectations, like rent if you ever move in together.

6. He keeps you from your friends or family

You and your friends used to have girls' night out every couple of weeks, but lately you never get to see them. Your boyfriend would prefer it if you stayed home with him, instead of going where he won't be. It's important when you're in a relationship that you do not stop seeing your friends just because your boyfriend acts hurt. A boyfriend who does this is manipulative and controlling and you should never put up with being kept from your friends and others who care for you.

Being in a relationship is all about compromise and respect. If you don't feel like you're getting both out of your relationship and have given it a fair chance to change, it is time for you to dump your boyfriend and move on.

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6 reasons to dump your boyfriend lol..
Surely one good reason is all you need..And why just dump someone to feel better about you,that's cruel.

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