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10 Tips a Guy Doesn't Want to Date You

10 Tips a Guy Doesnt Want to Date You

Finding the right man can be difficult and the world of dating can be a confusing and competitive play ground. Sometimes it's hard to tell what a man is thinking. Getting your hopes up after a few dates can lead to a crushing disappointment later. So, what does he really think about you? Don't waste your time waiting on a guy who is just stringing you along. Here are 10 tips to help you see if a guy is not taking your seriously.

Tip 1. He doesn't call

You have had a date and all seemed to go well. Trouble is, he didn't call. You are constantly checking your cell but there are no missed calls, no unnoticed texts. If he hasn't called, chances are he isn't thinking about you. Don't waste your time thinking about him.

Tip 2: Your dates are lame.

He takes you to the same restaurant every time or just wants to watch a movie on the couch and feel you up. If his dates show no hint of planning, then he obviously doesn't care about impressing you. When a man is attracted to a woman he wants to impress her. If your dates are noticably unimpressive, that's a hint he doesn't feel the need to please you. Toss this lame larry to the curb.

Tip 3. He is all talk.

When you're together he talks about all the great places you could go together. He may even mention you meeting his family. Unfortunately, his family is always out of town and he is too busy with work to take you anywhere. It can even be as small as him saying he will call you at 8:00 and not bothering until 11:00, if he calls at all. Face it, you aren't his priority. Drop this big talker and look for a man of action.

Tip 4. He is looking for someone else.

He contacts his ex girlfriends, messages other girls when you are on a date, has coffee with girls he just met. Long story short, men have friends who are girls, but if they are interested in one girl they won't jeopardize that realtionship by hanging out with randoms. Ditch this flirty philanderer and find a man who would rather spend time with you.

Tip 5. He's secertive.

His phone and computer are locked up like fort knox. He freaks when you go near his phone or glance at his computer screen. He's obviously hiding something. It doesn't really matter what he is hiding, just that he isn't being honest with you. If a guy is hiding something, it can't be anything good. Trust is the most essential part of any relationship. If you can't trust him, make it clear you just aren't into untrustworthy guys and move on.

Tip 6. He tells you he doesn't want a relationship.

So many women brush off this statement. If he tells you he doesn't want a relationship, what he means is, he doesn't want a relationship with you. When a man finds someone he connects with, nothing will stop him from being with that person. Find a man who has no qualms about making you his girlfriend instead of playing the waiting game with Mr. wishy washy.

Tip 7. He never invites you to his place or never goes to yours.

A guy who likes you will be willing to go anywhere to be with you. Even if this means it takes a little longer to get to work in the morning, he'll do it because he likes you. However, If he never wants to take you to his place, consider he doesn't want you to know where he lives or maybe just doesn't want you to get too comfortable at his place. A player won't want just any woman dropping by his place, especially if he is seeing multiple ladies.

Tip 8. He disappears.

He disappears for long periods of time, blocks you on facebook, avoids places you hang out. He clearly is not interested. If he didn't give you a reason for this sudden disappearance, he obviously doesn't care about your feelings. Let houdini do his disappearing act and find someone of substance.

Tip 9. He talks about your friends too much.

He has met a few of your friends and he makes it known how attractive or fun they are. He asks which ones are single and seems unconcerned that his interest is hurting your feelings. Clearly, he isn't your number one fan and he should be.

Tip 10. You are paying for everything.

Sure he likes a good movie with you and is up for a nice dinner, but you are the one paying. You are going broke trying to keep a guy who can't open his wallet for you once in awhile. This guy is living it up on your dime and not offering anything in return. A real man doesn't need a sugar mama.

Find a good man and a good partner by using these 10 hints. If he's not interested, it's best to find out early. If he doesn't call, or calls someone else, it's obvious you're not on his mind like you should be. If he talks all about himself, but never about you and he doesn't put any thought into your dates, he just doesn't care. Maybe he seems great but he has a million secrets and he straight up says he doesn't want a relationship, he is flat out telling you he is not interested. All these tips and more suggest he doesn't take you seriously and it's time to move on. A fun loving filly like you deserves a man who can't take his eyes off you. Use these tips, get out and meet a real man.

Comments (24)

Read the signs, Ladies! Every one of these is true. Don't put up with being an option!
no. 5 is ok if he is a business man, nobody has to know how his business is going

but all other is true
WOW, all is true!
If a Man says he is focused on getting sober , better lifestyle, no casual sex. Better friends? They won't call ya again probably.
Ladies must be aware of such wishy thinky man:
Very true and thanks for this post ??thumbs up roll eyes
i liked this article very much.
Everythink is right, abolutely right.
Hmm... All bad things about men!
Ladies, pay attention!
This is a very good and true article. thumbs up
Awesome tips, so true in so many ways. Words to live by.
So true...Good tips. No.1 is really at the top of the list. If he doesn't call...don't expect much. :-)
Great article doh
Thanks for the tip . i will open my eyes to this kind of men. wine
Thanks for the 10 tips how to find a real man,I mean may be he is not really perfect but a kind of man who doesn't have a millions of least a kind of man who can't take his eyes off me.
When a real man wants a particular woman, NOTHING will keep him away, not even a hurricane.
I suppose if you are not going in with eyes wide open, these are real issues... but... I have to say, being the upfront sort of woman that I am... the excessive use of the word Girl is a sure sign to women that men who use of the word girl are not going to be as respectful to women as you might wish. Not trying to be contrary just saying... girls are under the age of, what 12? Not the dating type. doh

Here's the generally "accepted" gender format:

girls - boys
gals - guys
women - men

Lots of peace and love to all of you peace
Am I so naive? Unfortunatly yes - but hope not any more. blushing
Tip number 8 is a hit. Great tips. Thank you.
Thank you for the tips - and yes its all very tru - rather be alone and happy then with someone who is so not into you and stressful wine heres to love life and loss head banger
So true ,, hope iam gonna find someone in real life instead wasting my time on long distance relationship. Apparently it just doesn't fit me

Apparently i just realised that after 3 times of broken up laugh
These comments are so true.s All details are carefully noted
Very good advices, and so true!
This article is so true. I have not once meet a guy, yet. That is willing to take a risk of being hurt for the sake of falling in love and companionship. confused

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