The Importance of Laughter for a Happy Relationship

The Importance of Laughter for a Happy Relationship

There are many keys to a happy relationship, and there are different keys for different relationships. However, one of the most important things for almost any couple is laughter. Couples need to be able to make each other laugh. This doesn't mean that each individual member in a relationship needs to have a great sense of humor or needs to be uproariously funny, but you should be able to help each other see the joy and humor in life.

Being able to laugh with your partner sets a warm and playful tone for your relationship. It allows both of you to feel at ease, to feel relaxed, and to have a great time doing everyday things. Having a good time and cracking jokes makes it less likely that the two of you will get bogged down in seriousness, or allow negative emotions to take control of you.

Laughter can also do wonders for a couple's sense of connection to one another. After all, if you take pleasure in each other's company because you make each other laugh, then you will of course enjoy spending time with one another. This is especially important in long term relationships to keep your time together from seeming like nothing more than a chore. Laughter will make it so that spending time together is something you actually want to do.

Finally, laughter can go a long way towards decreasing stress for the two of you, which in turn will decrease the stress on you as a couple. Laughter has the ability to psychologically and physiologically decrease the amount of stress you feel. Of course, it is not going to make your work and chores magically disappear, but laughing often and keeping yourself in a good mood will make even big tasks seem more manageable.

So now you know that laughter can be great for a relationship, but how do you have more of it? Well, the number one thing to do is to focus on being more laid back and less sensitive. After all, it's hard to find things funny if you are easily offended or constantly uptight. Being too focused on work or other important tasks also takes away from your ability to laugh, as humor and lightheartedness could be perceived of as a nuisance or a waste of time.

Just try unwinding a little and tell yourself to see the lighter side of life. You don't have to focus specifically on being funny, but simply on being less serious. It might seem hard at first, or as if you are just faking being in a good mood, but as you learn to relax it will become easier and more natural to make jokes, or to laugh at somebody else's.

Talk to your partner about the fact that you'd like to try having a change in attitude, and see if they'd be willing to go along with you. Or better yet, you could simply try changing your own outlook, and chances are that your partner will respond positively to your newfound positive attitude and change their attitude as well. Either way, before long the two of you should find yourselves happier, closer, and less stressed out.

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