What to Do When You Get Dumped

What to Do When You Get Dumped

Breaking up is depressing, but getting dumped is a nightmare. The relationship can seem perfect, and then suddenly you get blindsided. As you find yourself with more questions than answers, it's all too easy to become irrational. Here are some tips to help get you through your breakup.

Do Let Yourself Grieve

Give yourself an opportunity to grieve and express your emotions. However, don't grieve for too long. You lost a relationship, not a loved one. Everyone deals with problems differently, and much depends on how long you were in the relationship, but don't allow the grieving period to become extreme.

Do Go out with Friends

Staying locked up in the house is a surefire way to become depressed. Go out with your friends and have some fun. It will get your mind off of things for awhile, take focus off your problems, help you put things in perspective, and help you get back to your old self again.

Do Box up His Belongings

Staring at the other person's things is really depressing after a breakup. Box up his belongings and return them. If you're not up to seeing your ex yet, put the box in the back of a closet so you won't have to look at it every day.

Do Delete Old Messages

Old text, telephone, and Facebook messages will make you homesick for your former relationship. If you read them, you might be tempted to contact him. Maintain your dignity and delete them. While you're at it, delete his number from your phone.

Do Let Go and Move On

People tend to try to hang on to relationships long after they are over. Accept that it's over, let go, and move on. Don't beg him to continue the relationship. Even if he gave in to your pleading, the relationship would never be the same.

Do Make Yourself Feel Better

Getting dumped can really do a number on your self-confidence. Do little things to rebuild your self-esteem like trying a new hair style or giving yourself a makeover. Before you know it, you will be feeling better.

Don't Post It on Facebook

While it might be tempting to post status after status about your breakup and what a jerk your ex is, it's generally a bad idea. It might make you feel better temporarily, but it will also make you look like a half-crazed drama queen.

Don't Call Him or Text Him

Calling and texting him to ask questions or to beg him to continue the relationship will make you look needy and desperate. Don't waste another moment of your time on him. He's just not worth it.

Don't Stalk Him

Even though it's tempting, don't follow him around, don't pester his friends, and don't stalk his Facebook page. You will drive yourself crazy trying to monitor his every movement. Work to let go of the past, move on, and forget about him.

Don't Seek Revenge

While it might be tempting to sabotage all of his future relationships with nasty rumors, the only reputation you will wind up hurting is your own. Although he hurt your pride by dumping you, don't damage your own reputation by trying to destroy his.

Don't Jump Head First into Another Relationship

After being dumped, it's tempting to jump right into another relationship. However, right after a breakup, you're at your most vulnerable and you're more likely to get hurt again. And it's not really fair for a new person to have to deal with your new load of baggage. Wait until you're completely over your last relationship before jumping into a new one.

Getting dumped is a horrible experience, but everybody has been through it at least once. Give yourself some time and patience. Before long, you will be looking back on this whole experience wondering why you didn't break up with him long before he dumped you.

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I dumped my ex because he cheated on me.very mad blues
This is what, v call life
if you were with me id never dump you your pretty
Have a party, Find the little black book and and start making calls.....lol. All aside you need to take some time for yourself. ponder on why the relationship went bad. Grieve, Breathe and give a big sigh of relief. Knowing you got dumped means there was the red flags showing that something wasn't right. After pondering on what happened and who was to blame... You work on your stuff and know that it was their loss.
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