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The Three Things You Should Look for in Dating Site Profiles

The Three Things You Should Look for in Dating Site Profiles

Today, dating websites are a popular way to find love. On these sites members upload pictures and fill out profiles that can be viewed by other users. One of the biggest challenges for people who date online is determining from these profiles who they should contact, and who they should skip over. The secret is to know what signs to look for. Here are three things you should look for in another user's online dating profile.

1. Authenticity. Some users post fake, manipulative profiles on dating websites. With these people, the desire to receive lots of positive attention overwhelms interest in finding an actual love match. Watch out for photos that seem to be years old, taken from strange angles, or photoshopped. Also, be wary of people whose bios sound too good to be true. Instead, search for folks who aren't afraid to be honest about themselves. Someone who admits they're a little rough around the edges is a better prospect than someone who pretends to be something they're not.

2. Similar interests. It should go without saying, but no relationship can succeed without shared interests. You may respect someone who doesn't like any of the same things as you, but the two of you probably wouldn't work as a couple. So if you're a dog lover, look for potential partners who mention their dogs in their profiles. Are you an outdoorsy exercise fanatic? Then search for people who enjoy nature and staying fit. Of course, you can't expect to find someone who appreciates everything you do, so don't hold out for an impossible perfect match -- just make sure there's enough in common to support a relationship.

3. Similar views (on the most important things). This might sound like the previous entry, but there's a difference. For example, consider a person who is interested in the same hobbies as you, enjoys the same sorts of cuisine, and likes the same music -- but who disagrees with you vehemently on religion and politics. Is a long-term relationship with this person possible? Unfortunately, probably not. You can work through little differences, but couples need to see eye to eye on the really big stuff. Studies have shown that most successful relationships are between people with similar worldviews.

Online dating is tough enough as it is -- you don't want to waste your time contacting or going on a date with someone who isn't right for you. Increase your chances of finding a genuine love match by searching for the right qualities in dating site profiles.

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