Is Dating Draining Your Wallet? Here Are Some Ways to Deal

Is Dating Draining Your Wallet Here Are Some Ways to Deal

Dating comes with great perks, no doubt. Whether it be an intimate or casual date, dating is probably one of the most memorable experiences one can have (for better or worse). Is it too good to be true? Maybe. Of course, there's a catch: dating is expensive. Is dating draining your wallet? Here are some ways to deal.

Share Hobbies

One way to deal with expensive dates is to incorporate other expenses into dating. A fun way to do this is sharing your respective hobbies to one another. Do you like photography? Take your date with you the next time you walk into the street, park, or anywhere you take photos. Do you like movies? You can save money by having just one of you pay for a monthly movie streaming plan and just watch together. Sharing hobbies is a fun and cheap way to spend time together.

Do Good Together

Another way to deal with expensive dates is to do something valuable with your time together. Try volunteering for a non-government agency that supports your advocacy. Maybe you can join tree-planting drives, pet care events, and other activities. You might even be able to go to other places for free, as some national agencies take their volunteers to other towns and even countries during major events. The best thing about volunteering together is that you can spend your date time doing things that make this world a better place.

Learn New Things Together

Expensive dates could also be replaced by learning new things together. For example, you can enroll for a Spanish class or a dance class at your local community or college's continuing education programs. That's way cheaper than a fancy dinner that costs you at least $50. You can also enroll in a dance class to learn a new dance routine or choreography. You can also learn a new sport or a martial art too. Two heads are better than one, they say.

Cook at Home

If you are really passionate about food (or even if you just like to eat), you can save money by cooking at home. You can watch some YouTube videos or find recipes online to know how to cook a certain dish. Prepare the ingredients and cook it together. You can laugh together when your cooking fails. Don't worry because you'll get it right next time.

One-Time-Big-Time Dates

Ultimately, you don't have to deprive yourselves of expensive dates forever. Depending on your relationship, you could save up and plan for one-time-big-time dates. This could be a weekend camping trip by the beach, hiking in a famous mountain abroad, or a vacation at a cool resort. Save, then splurge on these extra-special dates as funds allow.

The key idea in dealing with expensive dates is to get creative and maximize the value of every experience you share. In this way, you can afford to spend more time together, and your date times become even more special, rather than boring and routine.

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