Chocolate Coins

Remember those mesh bags of chocolate coins we got as kids ?

Well, what can I buy with them now ? laugh

I might be willing to make an investment. wink

Comments (17)

I Remember Well! You can invest in the company that made it..........rolling on the floor laughing
Somehow, I think they may already have enough of them AP. peace
Maybe I could invest them in a peanut butter, or ice cream company. handshake

Hail! Yeah........................hug
Maybe candy vending machines will accept them. laugh
Or A Portable Payphone.............rolling on the floor laughing
A Payphone Booth.............laugh
According to Fact check the coins contained Melamine.

Maybe invest in Willy Wonka chocolate factory. laugh
Thanks BW. thumbs up
I wasn't aware of that.
No wonder I haven't seen them in a long time.
Gene Wilder R.I.P. sad flower
JN Welcome you never know what our food could contain.I was so surprised when I fact checked.
Warning ! Don't eat food imported from China !
These were the first bit coins.......grin
Good one M4. laugh
Grrrrrr Melamine and why am I not surpised it came from China? I swear China is trying to poison us especially when Melamine killed so many Chineses babies.

Oh but Jim real chocolate coins would buy you my undying loyallty don't you know.
Especially, if Godiva made them, eh Fay ? dancing
Oh Godvia works for me!

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