A Brett Kavanaugh Regret :)

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(Re-posted from nastics's 'Investigation' blog)

The Don pardons Brett.
Brett (and the new makeup of SCOTUS) covers The Don.

It's claimed The Don enticed Justice Kennedy to retire, partly by allowing Kennedy to provide input on naming his successor; Kennedy suggested his former clerk - Judge Kavanaugh.

I was curious why The Don might've felt it desirable to entice Kennedy into retirement.

The New Republic might explain this...
Given events of the past nearly two years, The Don may have deemed it necessary to reinforce the power the Executive Branch (Presidency) in order to maintain the checks and balances between the branches of the Federal government.

Some claim he's bound by his oath to the Constitution to do so.
Others (as is brought out in the article) are concerned this may be a step toward an Imperial Presidency.

This may be brought up as a mid-term election issue - Repubs assert unnecessary (undesirable? dangerous?) tampering with our Constitution will be averted if they maintain control of House and Senate.

In short - a vote for Repubs is a vote to avoid Constitutional confrontation/crisis - a vote for the Constitution, if you will.

It'd be an interesting twist on the mid-terms.
It could get traction and be an effect campaign strategy.
We'll know more in four weeks and a day.

Cartoon No. 2 -
Sounds 'bout ri
Cartoon No. 2 - Sounds 'bout right.
If one accepts the premise of the New Republic article cited above roll eyes

BTW - One of the responsibilities of the most recently appointed Justice is to get the coffee.
When coffee is delivered to their chamber, he'll be the Justice that will go to the door and get it.

Perhaps he can arrange for Irish Coffee wink to be delivered in a subtly marked mug grin

He might find a buddy in Bader-Ginsburg buddies
When she was caught on camera dozing off during an Obama State Of The Union Speech, she explained that she'd had a drink prior to the speech...

Y'all have heard that cliché - Sober as a judge?
Don't believe it scold

Some years ago my father-in-law was invested as a state Supreme Court Justice.
A large room full of politicians - the 'hot air' was incredible...
You can imagine.....blah blah blah

The post investiture party was held at the home of a U.S. Federal Judge.
The likker flowed freely, let me tell ya...drinking

And it was the Good Stuff - top shelf Johnny Walker.

Now that Kavanaugh will be at those parties, the women better stay in groups.

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