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We Won !

We turned the state of Virginia BLUE.

Yesterday The House of Representatives
Today The Virginia Legislature
Tomorrow The White House.

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And thereafter, Oobs, --- life in conditions of Democrat run cities, government schools, the Affirmative action POTUS' unaffordable health care confiscatory plans ---and Jimmy Carter economy and military misadventures. Can't wait.
"A change is going to come" head banger

Today From the Wall Street Journal;

military misadventures

You mean like invading Iraq ? Oh wait. That was under GWB.

How about Vietnam ? Oh wait, that was started under Eisenhower.

Iran Contra ? Oh geez, that was Reagan.
From USA Today;

While deep south Mississippi retained a Republican, it looks like Kentucky will have a Democrat for governor too. That's significant. He leads by about 5,000 votes, which at this point is not likely to be overcome.
Two out of 3 flipping to Democrat, one of which is below the Mason Dixon line, ain't bad. Perhaps the Republicans being married to Trump is not playing out well for them, as it shouldn't.
Further confirmation of this may come after today.
We turned the state of Virginia BLUE!!!
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rolling on the floor laughing
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up : applause applause applause applause applause

cheering applause applause cheering cheering
JN, our astute CS friend, not so fast. The Shah's cancer treatment in NYC--Mainly with who's help. Still grates on Iranians. Vietnam, especially escallation with green berets. etc., can you say womanizer/opioid addict JFK? Or 2 pound steak munching LBJ? And only someone sufffering from severe Pediatric source TD-HDSyndrome would compare Iran contra, which wasn't even a military action, with POTUS Peanut's sand storm disaster. Lot's more. But the rest of my post stands, pointing out how much good dems have done for civil safe society in their long ruled cities. Especially their own "people of colour". BTW, how are things there in loverly Camden or tranquil Little Newark, as my Portuguese kin there are sad to say. Yep, vote Biden, Bernie or Warren. Trump and his ilk are bad for America monsters. Tata.
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it's VA. glad some people with blue balls got some relief
or not. they turned blue.. blues
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Just thought you might like to know who's feeding you this Bull$hit.
Impressive copy and paste skills, ooby...

Doesn't change the core fact of the article - that Republicans won a clean sweep in the city council in question, unseating 3 Democrats in the process.

And that's after Republicans also won both recent Special Congressional elections, gaining 2 seats in the House of Representatives
Thank you, I learned it from observing the styles of conrad73. I forgot the emojis though. Have you ever been to Staunton VA Chancer? Nah I didn't think so. I have, many times. It's a sleepy little berg about 2 miles west of interstate 85 in the Blue Ridge Mtns.
Among black voters nationally; Biden 81% Trump 3%

Embedded image from another site
Among black voters nationally; Biden 81% Trump 3%

Jim you're in for a giant shock if you think that % is representative
Perhaps you're right. 3% for Trump does seem quite higher than I'd expect.
But, perhaps it's a mixture of the rich ones, who got their huge permanent tax cuts
and also the really dumb ones. Plus, there may be a few posers, who state they are black
over the phone, but aren't really.
I think you're very wrong. I believe Trump will receive well into double % figures of votes from black Americans come November.
Time will tell. If he even got 10% I'd be truly amazed.
What percent of his rallies are attended by blacks ?
0.2 %, if that.
I'd happily bet you that he'll get double digits. But I've heard you ain't reliable when it comes to paying up on bets.
Interesting, as I've never lost one.
However, I have no interest at all in betting with you.
Of course you don’t. Because you’re all steam and no piss.
good to see the dnc supporters being all positive , help them get over the pending loss in November . thumbs up top man Biden , very smart man thumbs up snigger
c-r - No. Because I have absolutely no confidence in anything you do or say.
Plus, I have no respect for sources you would use to determine the outcome.
Regardless, I think we both agree, it would be well south of 20%.
Changing the parameters already. I think Trump will double what he got in 2016. There's been a sea change.

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