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Breaking my rule for ONE blog.

A few days ago, I posted a blog about me not being political, but I do want to give you a small look into how I stand politically. I will highlight a few world leaders, and tell you exactly where I stand with them. Comments will be on, but if the comments section gets too out of hand, I will disable them. With that said, let's go!

First up, the leader of my country, Mette Frederiksen (Denmark, if you didn't know by now)

In general, I like her. She's not talking to us like we're kids, and she implemented the mask policy fairly quickly, and we Danes went along with it. There has been some chatter, however, that the masks weren't really needed, and that the government took things too far with locking down parts of the country. To me, she has been a fantastic leader.

Justin Trudeau, Canada.

In general, I like Justin Trudeau. He's the prime minister of a country, which I really like. Sensible laws, good looking people and a generally relaxed bunch of people. I am aware that Trudeau did blackface back in 2001. He addressed it, apologized for it, and, to my knowledge, haven't done it since then. People change over time

Vladimir Putin, Russia.

Ah, yes.. Comrade Putin, da? The only world leader where I go "I quite like him, but I shouldn't". He is the prime minister of a country, that has given me much joy with all the dash cam footage on YouTube. But, here's the kicker: He's a dangerous man, whose KGB training provides him with an excellent skill set to play other world leaders like a flute. I am convinced, that once someone leaves the KGB, they never really leave. It is probably a lifetime of service, even if they don't know it themselves.

Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom.

Here's another world leader, where I go "I like him, but I shouldn't". before Boris was prime minister, he was the mayor of London. I don't know enough to say he did a good job or not, but from what I can read, he wasn't particularly good. His handling of this pandemic surely hasn't been good - at all. He was too slow with closing down the country, and he is too quick in reopening it.

Kim Jong-Un, North Korea.

The dear Supreme Leader, but really a brutal dictator, let's be honest. This is a man who starves his own people, who hosts extravagant parades, and who executed his own uncle. Kim stripped the uncle naked and sent a pack of wild dogs after him. Absolutely brutal stuff. Kim Jong-Un is one of those dictators, where you go "Surely, it can't be worse than this?".. Oh but it can. Kim once executed someone with an anti-aircraft gun. That just tells you what kind of man we are dealing with here.

Xi Jinping, China.

A world leader for over a BILLION people. I don't know enough about this man yet, but I am still reading up on that. What I do know, is that he is a communist, being the leader of the Communist Party in China.

Donald Trump, United States of America.

Look, no world leader list is complete without Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. I can write blog after blog about Trump, and how I feel about him. But for now, I will tell you this: Trump is charismatic, intriguing and EXTREMELY stupid. Pushing conspiracy theories, giving political opponents nicknames and behaving like a child, who hasn't been held enough as a toddler. His Twitter feed isn't exactly roses and butterflies either. Rampant lies, boasting about things he never really accomplished, and so much more. I remember one time, Trump proudly claimed that him and Kim Jong-Un had "fallen in love" and were sending each other wonderful letters. Trump admires dictators, but looks down at politicians who just want what's best for their constituents.

In closing: Wear a mask! It's not gonna take away your ability to breathe. It's to protect others around you from possibly getting this virus. It will not kill you to wear a mask for an hour or two, while you are doing some shopping.

It is not rocket science, guys.

Also: Black Lives Matter.

Comments (3)

Some people can see through the propaganda, but most can't.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

At least you're sincere which is more than I can say about most people on the left.
It seems clear to me, that he sees right through Trump's propaganda.
Indeed, he nailed it.

I'm less impressed with him liking Putin, the guy who has killed reporters and invaded countries.
At least he realizes he shouldn't.
Because your opinions are uniquely your own.Thank you for sharing.hug purple heart

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