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My Neighbor's daughter

My neighbor is all upset, just because his lovely 26 year old daughter
sun bathes in the nude in their back yard.

Personally, I don't think it's that big a deal.
In fact, one could say, that I'm actually on the fence about it. wink

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Being on the fence sometimes give the best perspective Jim! nerd smoking
Yeah, at different times, I can see....both sides..... of the issue. wow
That makes you a peeping tom
Nonsense ! My name is Jim. grin
I'd appreciate it if you could help broaden my view on the matter.. roll eyes
Those darn hedges need trimming......again. wink
Is there other stuff, in your current view, that could favourably be trimmed down just a line?
About ten years ago, I lived with my mother and stepfather in a two floor apartment, with the living room and kitchen on the ground floor, and the bedrooms on the second floor, with my bedroom facing the garden. The new neighbor at the time was a woman a bit older than me, and I assumed she lived alone, because I didn't see a man there. So naturally, I did what any guy would do when they see a good looking woman tanning in her beach wear: I looked. But not in a peeping tom kind of way, but more a "I am on the balcony today, might as well just have a tiny look". At one point, my mom would ask me to go next door to borrow a bowl, since we had guests coming over, and we were one mixing bowl short, so I went next door. When I knocked, a huge man opened the door and went "Can I help you?".. That's when I found out she was married, which made me stop looking all together. Over the next few months, we became very good friends, and I even invited them to my 30th birthday, seeing as they were literally next door to us. I have lost contact with them, since both our families moved away from that place. My mother because my stepfather passing away in the garden, and the neighbor because they found something bigger to live in, but still in the same town. I think I know where they live now, so I might swing by and say hello, since I have an open invitation to come by whenever I want to
G - well, there is a bush, that I wouldn't mind trimming a bit.

P - Sorry to hear about your step-dad's demise.
Make sure to visit your somewhat older neighbor(s) on a hot sunny day.
You bushman Jim! hahaha cheers

Philipson, she a milf ha?

cool cool
on the fence with your camera
@Crypt. Is that an o-fence? confused
like a glory hole?
Peep peep rolling on the floor laughing

No. I like my camera. Canon T6i. I bought 2 brand new.
I'm not 'on the fence' at all about that.

I've had them for a little over 3 years. I probably won't upgrade again,
until the 36 mp Canons are reasonably priced.
I don't want to go mirrorless, as the mounts are not interchangeable.
The lenses are more expensive and less changeable than the camera bodies.
Plus the mirrorless cameras are not rugged enough to handle the heavier lenses anyway.
Sounds like you got a good grip around your canon Jim.
(couldn't resist) lol

cheers cheers

On a serious note, so you prefer old skool camera to digitale then?
Jim, i think you need to change some light bulbs
Or maybe it IS digital, just that I didn't understand that its combined ahhh

Yeah, it's digital. The last 5 cameras were all digital.
Jim, I've been in NJ in April, no one is laying out yet. There is only summer two months out of the year, I believe it was July and Aug. I remember July for sure. I remember the big victorian houses sitting empty until July then everyone would come back for two months then leave again.
I think you made that story up..just a guess on my part.
Wish away till all your wishes come true. typing cats meow
Remember it is world naked gardening day on the first of May banana just hope it is warm enough to do it on this day.

If a man sun bathed nude in the yard...he would be considered a creepy perv...laugh
Nothing was left for your imagination to run wild a bit except to looking into her eyes .
Throw a little ice water over the fence and get a front seat show
In fact, one could say, that I'm actually on the fence about it.

Id be overthe moon wall by it too.

h - The blog is tagged "comedy". Yes, it's at least partially made - up for entertainment purposes.
In reality, my neighbor's very lovely daughter did sun bathe in her bikini on the lawn (sometimes even the front lawn) and she's more like 35 years old now and currently lives in a different town (but is moving back home this summer). applause
There is no fence between our properties.

But, she never sun bathed in the nude (to my knowledge). dunno
I have no idea how her father felt about her sun bathing. It was never discussed.
I certainly didn't mind it. grin

Summer here is June, July, & August (and part of September).

I posted the blog just to spark some laughter.
It seemed this place needed more of that. head banger
In - be careful. The robins are really harvesting worms this time of year. laugh

LL - If anyone sun bathed in the nude in Canada, they might be considered frozen. laugh

A - Instead of the windows to her soul, I was looking through the windows of my house. laugh

U - That would be a COLD thing to do. I would more likely offer to rub some lotion on her........ so she doesn't burn, of course. roll eyes

L - all in all, it would be just another hop... over the wall. guitar head banger
Laughter is good for the soul after all this shit that is taking place in the world .
I don't know about a soul. But, laughing feels good, unless you have a headache. head banger
Before tanning beds, everyone laid outside and got their tans. I remember falling asleep outside in NJ and getting a severe burn. We usually wore as little as possibly especially on the top because we didn't want any tan lines.
We lived on the ocean and I walked the boardwalk to go to work every morning, the sun rising on the ocean is beautiful. That was the only time I ever saw the beach without being packed with people. There were always a few people fishing and that was it.
OP the only tags on this blog that I can see says 'news blog'.
My wife's nieces used to come by sunbath on my deck in the nude fairly often. My wife just said you can look, but don't stare. That worked. :)
h - Thanks for letting me know. I've had that happen before.
I selected Comedy and at some point later it gets switched to something else.
I changed it back to Comedy. Lets see if it gets changed again at some point.

Yeah, a lot of the beaches get quite crowded, not only from people in NJ, but they come from PA
and also NY. Island Beach State Park only lets in a small amount of people.
It has all natural dunes and more wildlife. It's my favorite beach in NJ.

If you want isolated beaches with no one else on them, go to Hawaii, which has beaches with
different colored sands. Just get away from the touristy ones, like Waikiki.
K - Your wife sounds like a very reasonable person. thumbs up
She was. Dead (H1N1) 10 years now. I miss her a lot. But if she hadn't died I would have never come here. But yes, I have my secluded place and her nieces (18 - 28 back then) used to come by for a day just to use our deck for sunbathing. Pleasant memories. wow
My sincere condolences on the loss of your wife Ken.
Certainly a case of the good dying too young.
Yes it was. She kept me gentle.
Jay Leno said that man had one of the most dirty mouthed languages back stage of anyone he had ever met.

Too funny...laugh

JimN has a sense of humor...perhaps an adult dating site is too much for some...

You reminded me of that evangelical preacher who had a boyfriend and liked cocaine caught but wife stuck by him...prayed the gay

His public life or persona was far different than his private true self...I do feel sorry for him...
If she was your daughter, would you still post such publicly. O man a woman has given us birth when we start respecting her from the heart, not just by showing off to people. Treat other daughters like yours

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