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Emerson, Lake and Palmer...

One of my favorite progressive-rock bands is ELP. Sadly 2 of the members are gone now.

Keith Emerson died by suicide March 11, 2016. He had several health related issues and nerve damage in his right hand that added to his depression.

Greg Lake died from cancer on December 7, 2016

All 3 members were active after the breakup of ELP and performed a few reunion concerts.

I first heard Greg Lake around 1969 when he was with King Crimson and considered him to be one of the best vocalists of his time. While everyone was wowed by Paul Rogers (of Free) it was Greg with a more colorful sound and a wider range.

This past weekend, I binged on some ELP and also listened/watched a few Keith Emerson Band videos featuring Marc Bonilla on guitars and vocals.
They performed a melodic version of the ELP hit Lucky Man and Bonilla did a great job on vocals.

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I've seen them 3 times and saw 3 completely different but very enjoyable shows.
Jim, I think you will agree the singer in that version of King Crimson wasn't anywhere near as good as Greg Lake.
Willy, I know their concerts were usually stadium size venues and tickets were quickly sold out.
I cannot recall why, but I never had the opportunity to see ELP.
King Crimson 1969 with Greg Lake on vocals...

Yes, I totally agree with you.

A bit of trivia for you. Greg Lake wrote the song Lucky Man, when he was 12 years old.
It was the first song he ever wrote.
I didn't know that. Thanks

Considering the style of music and words, I envisioned the setting in or around Medieval times.
However, the lyrics "A bullet had found him, His blood ran as he cried..." didn't seem appropriate. I think "An arrow had found him" to be the correct for that time period.
Perhaps being such a "lucky man", he lived a very long life, before that ending. grin

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