New World Chaos and the challenges that face us

Disturbing scenes from Australia (video)

Those who wish to divide think they will win. As evil has done throughout history, it will seek to divide so as to be able to rule. This time round, Covid is being used as the predicate. United, we stand - divided we fall. I refuse to do the bidding of those seeking to divide us.
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Nothing new - France Germany America too have seen them - a small loud disruptive rabble, but it is something of a world theme. Society wins by cooperation. Think of the ant nest and the ant society would extinguish such rebellions. The $5000 fines should be somewhat sobering however
I don't live in Melbourne..For starters the bulk of those dip shits were anti vaxers & rent a crowd..Yes there were some construction workers but no where near the amount of loose canons..Over 350 construction sites big & small had spread Covid like crazy which passed onto other families..You don't see other bloody small family businesses carrying on like d*ck heads
So Fargo and Mercedes - am i to take it then that you support the decision to deny people the ability to make a living unless they get the jab? I just want to be clear on where you both stand. Because it is my understanding that that is what kicked off the protests in Melbourne as regards construction workers.
I haven't been able to bloody work since the 26th of June..I live in a classified hot spot..I haven't seen bloody family nor friends since the bloody 26th of June so don't even dare hit me up with you think you know everything..Governments listen to health experts..None of you here are bloody virologists..I lead a very very healthy life style..I have a superb immune system but I'm still high risk..Don't even get me started about people I know who ended up in hospital or those I know whoi are still suffering at home..No underlying problems..As healthy as I yet are suffering..You anti vaxers on here do what pleases you but stop yapping at us who listen to real health experts..It's my business what I choose to do as it is yours..All these anti vax blogs are pathetic
Hey Chancer..hug
I'd like more info too!
When I have time I will check back
for news from those in the know.
Yes, they are truly disturbing scenes. In the last few months I’ve seen several other extremely disturbing episodes taking place in other locations. Yet, some of those who are in denial seem to just brush it aside. They don’t seem to appreciate the level of oppression that is now taking place against those who dare to speak out against tyranny. I’m starting to question whether some people are completely lacking in human compassion. Do they not see that there is a real problem when the police start acting like thugs?
Fargo & I wouldn't be in the know because we live here..
Police weren't thugs at all..
Your taking a stand clearly will be met with
name calling so here's a bump to expedite
this topic amongst the higher minded folks
that stay abreast of current global news,
without the govt.suppression.

thumbs up
Merc why do you lower yourself to the "anti-vaxxer" attack? Seriously? I'm not anti the experimental gene therapy (which is NOT in fact a vaccine). I'm not getting it myself but i have zero problem with anybody who wants to get it. Freedom is a good thing. Society is losing its mind. There are immense health harms from lockdowns - increased obesity, increased alcohol and drug consumption, less exercise. People have missed out on surgery/treatments for other serious medical conditions. Barely adequate medical systems and hospitals are getting WORSE as in some cases medical professionals are being FIRED or suspended for not taking the experimental gene therapy, despite being allowed to work for the previous year and a half when we were truly at pandemic levels. The moment the experimental gene therapy had been made available to those most vulnerable to the virus - is the moment all restrictions should have ended. Covid is basically replacing the flu. It is mutating and becoming more contagious but less deadly. We never closed down society or segregated or fired people for not getting the flu shot. Which leads people to question everything that's going on. It's never been about "the science" from the start. Dissenting voices to Covid policy have been attacked and suppressed throughout. A healthy scientific environment does NOT fear debate. And yet those who wish to debate and share concerns and have dialogue are routinely attacked and suppressed. Do you agree with this? Because it's not healthy, and it's certainly not scientific. It's authoritarian. And we haven't even gotten started on the societal issues - the fracturing of society, the mental health crisis, the psychological and developmental effect this has all had on children. Should you wish to discuss any such matters within government, or on most mainstream media platforms, you are routinely attacked, with accusations such as the shallow "anti-vaxxer" you attempted. Like i said, a healthy scientific environment doesn't fear debate. But many if not most in positions of authority are very fearful of debate and are turning to more authoritarian and divisive measures. This cannot continue.
If you can get some legit information about the
"New World" rhetoric there it would be appreciated
from a global standpoint.
I have been reading those "narratives" in many
older documents that preceded these past
two years by those in the fields of eugenics,
bioweapons and patents.$$$$$$$$$$$
hug Shelora... Good points and can't wait for my next break to see what has been "revealed".
Feckless Leader Pitting people against One Another rather than THE VIRUS ...
Holding up colonies of mindless insects as the Model for Human Society -
Spoken like a true ChiCom Apparatchik ... thumbs up

What's the big Whoop?

Covid CANNOT be Eradicated -

it's Here to STAY, The Jabs do Not confer Immunity, Hiding from a Virus Forever isn't Reality-Based hole
Humans & Covid MUST Share the Planet - Get Used To That.

There are now Three types of people -
HAD Covid.
HAVE Covid.
WILL Have Covid.

We're ALL gonna get from #3 to #1 via #2 ... Or Die Tryin' ... violin
The Jabbed will Likely escape the More Severe Symptoms -
They Will NOT Avoid getting Covid.

@Chancer - suppose you were HIV+ should you be allowed to have sex with a sex-worker without a condom? Well let's get a little less extreme - in a workplace should you be permitted to put others at risk when risk-reduction is available? Society operates on co-operation. If you refuse to co-operate, find other work. Solo preferably. You're supporting a worker and both of you need a harness? You don't like, and refuse it - is that ok? If they don't agree to take precautions when working in teams let them work solo. I have no problem with that, but I understand resistance resentment and anger too. Refuse to wear your seat belt and pay the fines, but the the health system has trouble when you land in hospital with a burst bladder because you refused.
Wish someone would find a cure to eradicate covid completely then we could all get back to being civilised and stop all the arguments .

Sounds like a scene from Hamlet on here sometimes.

To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep No more; and by a sleep, to say we end The Heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks That Flesh is heir to? 'Tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished. To die to sleep, To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there's the rub.sigh
They're isolating us into cyberspace with the eventual aim of turning this wild west into a digital dictatorship. It's not intending to forgive people or understand mental illness, this will be the justification for a police state. And frankly they've known for a long time that the law is a worthless piece of junk in the internet context. What it means by cooperation is a witch hunt, some sort of ritual sacrifice as the way create community atmosphere.
@Chancer I totally reject your pessimistic view. You weird man, it is nothing at all like that!
There's "No Hope" of Eradication - CanNot be Done ...

The Jabs Reduce the Severity of Symptoms.
Promising Treatments are under Study/bein' Developed ...

To name but a few
Spartacus , Gavrilo Princip ,Rob Roy, William Wallace , Ghandy
stood up for- FREEDOM -
Dedo, are you aware of Ghandi's history of racism?

Gandhi's concern with racial discrimination was limited to Indians--in fact, he offered to organize a brigade of Indians to help the English colonial rulers crush an African rebellion and many thousands of Africans were killed thanks to Ghandi.

Gandhi (Sergeant-Major Gandhi) earned a War Medal from the British Empire for valour under fire while assisting the violent suppression of South African Blacks.

He probably was a phedifile too -and im not gonna defend his misdeeds ,yet, he presented a, for those times, a new form of rebellion against colonization
He also signed a deal with the Chinese ,for the future 100 years ( now they dont shoot each other but throw rocks )
Chancer, I'm no fan of the way politicians have handled this crisis, some local mayors here installed machines to spray cars as they entered the town, sprayed the streets with something so strong it killed cats and dogs that walked on them afterwards, one even sprayed the beach with bleach and killed the entire eco structure, even though people were banned from going to the beach, however they could play the hand they were dealt.
Imagine if you will you're PM/Pres Chancer in control of a country of say 100 million, it's early 2020 and your medical advisors come to you with a new virus, you're told it will kill between 1 and 3% of the population, and leave many more sick for months/years, then other scientists say we can produce a "vaccine" that will prevent the death of between 50 and 90% of the population but it will take more than a year, what do you do dunno

Nothing, 300k getting sick every day, hospitals overrun, country goes back to dark ages, no workers to run anything, neighbouring countries shut their borders so you run out of food/fuel, 3000 dying a day and the people are calling you Chancer the Terrible.

Take action, introduce lockdowns and try to stop the spread of the virus until "vaccine" is ready, around 50% of the population are calling you Chancer the Terrible. You have to stick with this plan as it needs 70% plus of the population to be "vaccinated" before you return to a more "normal" situation.

Come up with some other plan that stops people dying and enables the country to continue as normal, you'll need to tell us what that plan would have been dunno
Chancer, you're terrible roll eyes

@zmountainman it's one and a half years since measures were introduced. Remember "15 days to slow the spread"? The goalposts have continually been moved. we've regularly been lied to. Trust has almost completely been eroded. And with all that, it can't genuinely be said that the measures have been a success. People have died regardless - and not just from Covid - from other health issues that in some cases could well have been avoided. A generation is being set up for immune system failure. Obesity is on the rise, stress levels through the roof, addiction, suicidality, domestic abuse. These are all very serious issues. But by and large our "authorities" refuse to allow discussion of them. Do you think this is healthy? Miclee said it best when he said that Covid is here to stay - there is no indication that it is going away and indeed it looks much more likely that it will continue to mutate and basically replace the flu as the dominant respiratory virus (if it hasn't done so already). There is no justification whatsoever for continued measures, restrictions and mandates - one and a half years later - in any place where the experimental gene therapy (mistakenly referred to as a vaccine) has been made available to those most at risk. There is zero excuse to keep up with the restrictions. Zero. Living involves having balance. Living also means accepting some risk. This has always been the case. The flu and other non-covid respiratory viruses have always represented a threat to those with more vulnerable immune systems. And yet we never instituted draconian measures to deal with it. There is no reason - after a year and a half where in most places the pandemic phase is over and we're in the endemic phase, and where anybody who wants it can get the experimental gene therapy - to continue with any restrictions and lockdowns. Instead of demonizing the many millions around the world who don't want to get the experimental gene therapy, our governments should be promoting getting back to normal. They can also encourage experimental gene therapy uptake - especially among the vulnerable - i have zero problem with that. It would be a good idea also to be promoting healthy living in general and ways we can strengthen our immune systems so in the event we catch something, we have a better chance of fighting it off. Many have mistakenly believed Covid is akin to the Spanish flu. Adjusted for difference in population, Spanish flu was FIFTY times more deadly than Covid has been. So there really is no comparison. Covid is like a really nasty flu. Most people shake it off within a couple of weeks. Those over a certain age and/or with underlying medical conditions find it more difficult to handle. But AGAIN, this is nothing new when it comes to the flu and respiratory viruses. Wherever the experimental gene therapy is available, we need to just back to normal and accept the level of risk that comes with that (as we ALWAYS have prior). We can't live in a perpetual state of fear/anxiety. That itself poses serious health risks.
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hug Thank you Willy for addressing the topic.
I watch in hopes that the govt. can address the
concerns much as other countries are.
They seem inspired and hopeful now, if it helps
many with their anxiety and depression of isolation
that is monumental.If it brings those in denial to
a state of demanding antidotes instead of liability disclaimers even better.Best Wishes AU.

sad flower
@Dedo you were speaking of Ghandi So if I say you probably are a p*dophile too, is that ok? You can just slander people like that? I think you are a loud-mouth bigot and fool, but I will not claim you are a p*dophile. You feel it is ok to speak as you do? English is clearly not your first language, but that is no excuse for such libel.
The logic here does not represent most bloggers or those who comment.Can a get a ficetious amen.
Fargo, English is not my native language
And i have not bothered to look up for the correct term for intercause with juveniles (from 12 and above )
Dont get me wrong here ,its not my cup of tea but you are aware that in many cultures its a custom,tradition to find a spouse for a girl after her first menstrual cycle -Those kind of cultural differences are branded in the western culture as barbaric and phedophilic

By the way, why does the Australian flag still have the little British flag in its corner? drinking
@roseh a second weird response! ... makes me think you are UTI. Very peculiar.
In your case it is apropos.AMEN.
it helps me just to write it.
wave Dedovix you were understood perfectly fine.
@Dedo to suggest Ghandi liked little boys or girls - that is not your language fault, but your direct insinuation. It stinks. As to the British flag, that is historical, and can be seen in many flags - we need to get rid of it.
Chancer, I don't disagree with a lot of what you said, however you didn't really answer the question of what you'd have done differently.
I can only talk with any knowledge about what's happening here, largely it is following what you're suggesting, now over 70% have been vaccinated the vast majority of measures have fallen away, just really masks left now, even though the law allows us to be without whilst outside if distance can be maintained most here are still wearing them out of choice.
I can't really see any comparison with Spanish flu, people's expectations of life these days is greatly different to back then, had Covid been allowed to spread to the entire world population it's true it wouldn't equal the number that died of Spanish flu, but to have 1% die from Covid (estimated 78 million) these days is unacceptable. I'm 69, in all my years I've never know anyone die from flu, yet I know several who've died from Covid in the last year.
Even at over 70% vaccination here in Spain people are still dying in numbers that would make Oz and NZ recoil in horror, however it's a balance between number of deaths verses a normal life, ever country seems to have a different figure they can live with.
It must be stated that in order to have a relatively normal life where you can be treated in a hospital that isn't overrun by Covid victims requires at least 70% of the population to be vaccinated, so whilst I'm quite happy you have a choice whether to have it or not it does mean the rest of the population has to take the risk of being vaccinated so those that choose not to can have that choice.
no its not my insinuation,you can find many articles about it ,mostly written by Brits laugh
And you have a British flag on yours cause you`re still a British colony

The empire on which the sun never sets

Ghandy stood up for freedom -Now Australians free thinker( people who still have common sense) stood up against Hitlerisation -Its a duty of every patriot to defend his country from his own government
@roseh and you tar yourself with the same brush
@zman where are you getting your figures from? Current deaths worldwide from Covid stands at 4,55 million out of a population of approximately 7.9 billion. That amounts to approximately 0.06% of the world's population. And within that 4.55m figure we have to factor that deaths from regular flu and other respiratory viruses have vastly diminished (to be expected, in that Covid has become the dominant virus).
Chancer, that number assumes a death rate of 1% with everyone catching it, remember we were talking about decisions at the start of the outbreak, that would be the likely outcome had no action been taken, with the vaccine being between 70 and 90% effective against death that number should never be realised.
I would suggest the reason flu has subsided is more to do with the Covid precautions we've all taken, don't forget masks etc have been used for years in a lot of countries to stop outbreaks, this is first time we in Europe and the States have used them, to me it shows how effective they can be against flu etc.
Also @zman did you ever consider that the reason you never knew anyone who died from flu was because we were never testing for it and attributing in the way we are now with Covid? Seriously, think about that. The majority of people that have died from Covid had serious underlying medical conditions. If not for Covid, it is very likely many of them would have succumbed to one of the constantly mutating viruses that already exist...

But whereas previously cause of death was attributed in a common sense manner, now because everybody and anybody is being tested for Covid, the figures are much higher and aren't necessarily giving us an accurate figure (especially given that some of the tests are over-sensitive and producing false positives). Obsessive Compulsive Covid is not doing us any good. I really think many people are losing sight of the big picture. I get it - fear is an extremely powerful weapon - and if you listen to most of the news on tv and radio it's easy to succumb to it, but by obsessing on this one thing, i truly believe we're allowing ourselves to fail as a society in so many other ways. There IS more to life than Covid, and something or other is going to get us in the end. I personally don't believe that living in fear, bankrupting ourselves, psychologically hurting children, and fracturing society with coercive and tyrannical measures is a fair price to pay for it all. Different viruses will come and go. But the type of world we want to live in will be with us for a long time to come, and will impact most on the generations to come. I feel we have a duty to do our best to leave them a world with the same freedoms intact that we have been so fortunate to enjoy.
Also, as regards masking, various studies have showed that the difference they made in stopping the spread was either minimal or didn't help stop the spread at all. I know it's nice to think that our adherence to masking has made a big difference, but really it hasn't. There's a reason we were told originally not to wear masks. It was known that they were not really effective, and carried health risks of their own - breathing recycled air as well as the psycho-social effects, especially on young children to whom development is so crucial at a young age. A few key figures like Fauci and some W.H.O. members decided on a whim to recommend masking. It wasn't based on science. I guess they wanted people to believe they were doing something to help combat the spread. But now that various trials are in showing little-to-no effectiveness in stopping the spread, the mask mandates really should end. But many people have become addicted to wearing them in a way. And by all means if someone wants to wear a mask, then allow them. But demanding everyone wear masks in order to shop or dine out or whatever - is just absolute nonsense. I get it that people want to feel like they're doing something. It's a noble impulse. But when the actual science shows it's not effective - while also factoring in the negative health effects - then it's well past time to ditch the mandates.
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