My first long trip as a mover!

Yesterday, I was asked if I was able to go to Jylland, on a two day trip. Naturally, I said yes. The first rule of business, was to load some furniture for delivery.

At 9.30, we left the yard. The trip over there wasn't extremely interesting. Nothing major really happened, so me and my coworker were just engaging in conversation.

We arrived at the first customer a few hours later, which was an auction house. We had to pick up two sofas. It only took about ten minutes, so we were in and out rather quickly. The second pickup was a bit more interesting. It was a Norwegian man, who was moving to South Korea, so he needed some things collected.

The way things work in the moving business, particularly if we are talking about overseas shipping, is that every piece of furniture needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap. Every single chair, every single sofa, every single cabinet needs to be wrapped. My coworker told me to wrap the chairs, while he wrapped the sofas. When he came back after wrapping the sofas, his first comment was "Wow, you work fast! I was afraid that you would have some trouble with wrapping, since it's your second day. I was wrong!". That made me feel like I was a millionaire. Praise works well with me.

Anyway, we spent about an hour wrapping the gentleman's items, and loaded them onto the truck.

Now, naturally there are some heavy items when it comes to the moving business, but it's really not too bad, once you get the hang of it. Sofas are a weird shape sometimes, but once you place your hand the correct place, you can carry it with one hand.

After we had loaded the items on the truck, we headed for a truck stop, where we finished up the day. It was also at that truck stop, that I was to experience sleeping in a truck, for the first time ever. I slept okay, but I didn't get a full nights sleep, sadly.

Dawn broke, and we had some breakfast. Then, it was off to deliver the furniture we loaded up on the previous day. Twenty minutes later, we were off again to collect some more furniture. Upon arrival at the pickup, we quickly wrapped the first two pieces of furniture we picked up at the auction house, and then we picked up the items we were supposed to get. They were also wrapped, and after that, it was time for some food and then to head back home to the yard.

It was quite a windy day today, so the drive home was sketchy, but we made it in one piece.

All in all, a good trip. I am off tomorrow, because I need to acquire a doctor's notice for when I start my driving license on Monday. I am excited for that! And also to get back to work!
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Well done Philipsen good start..............thumbs up ..................jenny
It's seems with your diary of events to the CS ladies maybe one day you might impress one to ride you on a trip for a long haul. Just don't wear yourself out lifting all that heavy a** furniture as may need your strength for other activities. rolling on the floor laughing
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