Covid - round 2!

Friday morning, I felt awful. Like someone had pulled a massive cold over me. I went to school as I usually do, but I was really not there. All I wanted was to stay home in my bed.

A few hours later, I still felt awful. My driving instructor came, and asked if I was ready to do some highway driving. "No. I don't feel good", was my answer. My instructor looked at me, and went: "Yeah, you look awful today. Give me 5 minutes. I'll be back".

A few minutes later, she returned and told me, that they had agreed to not allow me to drive, because I wasn't 100%, so it wouldn't be safe for me to drive. We then agreed that I was going to drive on Sunday. Before I went home, I took a rapid test (I really don't like that test), which was negative. Luckily I had a PCR test booked for that afternoon, but I had to wait for a few hours for that.

When I got home, I decided to give the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre a view, which was pretty good. Not super amazing, but it was alright.

After the PCR test, I stupidly went shopping. Not my proudest moment, but I needed some things, and I never in a million years thought I was going to receive the result that I did.

Evening came, and I felt even worse. Headache, coughing, sore skin and a light fever. After some sleep, my fever and sore skin was gone. My runny nose and headache was there, and I started to make plans for the Saturday, and then a text arrived on my phone. It was my test result. I opened it, fully expecting a negative result.

I had tested positive for covid, for the second time. The last time I had covid was in January 2021, but since then, I have been vaccinated. I credit those vaccines with me not being so sick this time around.

So what have I been doing? Not much. Watching a bunch of WWE and a bunch of YouTube videos. Tomorrow is my last day inside, and then I can go outside on Wednesday! I really look forward to that!
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round 20... more like...
Glad it wasn't as bad as the first. The nurse that lives next door to me says that happens often. Someone will take a rapid Covid test with negative results because the virus hasn't uploaded (whatever that means) yet. Then the person runs around exposing everyone, takes another test and walla "positive". She says it is common
Sorry to here that but yes it does happen.
Get well quickly hug
hearlaugh that
Here in Norway supposedly 1/5th of the population has covid today. can anyone expect to go through then without getting it,
close to impossible.
I'll have my first one soon I suppose.
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