81mg aspirin daily...

As a followup to my heart scan/stress test this past Wednesday, my doctor suggests I continue walking, increasing the duration, go on a low cholesterol diet and to take 81 milligrams of aspirin daily. Added to that is a blood test a few weeks before I revisit in 6 months.

So... why the 81mg?

Like most other things in life, I'm thinking it could be arbitrary. Is 82mg too much for a skinny man and too little for a fat man? Someone had to figure that out enough to have drug manufacturers selling packages of 81mg aspirin.
I'm accustomed to taking 975mg if I have a pulled muscle or really bad headache. But that's only for a day or two at maximum.

81, you've got me thinking.
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Higher does for pain and just until it ends, lower dose for heart and for longer.

High dose aspirin helps with pain but can be dangerous over long term teddybear

take care
My doctor put me on low dose aspirin 12 years ago. He told me it would help prevent heart attacks. On top of that my Cardiologist has me on Vitamin D 3 and Eliquis which is Apixaban.
81, thanks EXRED.

Willy, I've been doing lots of vitamin supplements, D3 being one of them.
Apixaban is an anticoagulant. Any side effects?
Yes. Right now I see about a 6 inch red line on my left arm. Sometimes it can be in the shape of a comb (sizewise) and sometimes around the size of a quarter.
I've known people to get dark blotches on their skin, usually around their forearms. They bruise easily and I'm think it's a result of their blood thinner.
I started the Apixaban about 8 months ago and shortly after the blotches intensified. However I am on it because about 8 months ago I was in the hospital with an irregular heartbeat.
Does your cardiologist know you’re taking Eliquis along the aspirin?

Eliquis doesn’t recommend both FYI SPEAK to your cardiologist.

The std aspirin is 325mg, 81 being 1/4 seems to be the reasoning.

Look into PLX Pharma that had a 325mg aspirin now with a 81 mg version. Less gastrointestinal issues. Speak to your doctor.
Yes. Cardiologist has my full medical records. When I first met her she went over all my meds with me.
The std aspirin is 325mg, 81 being 1/4 seems to be the reasoning.

Interesting thought. Thanks Sea...
Here in Aus they no longer recommend aspirin

2012 I had an angiogram done on my heart with dye..I was amazed at what I saw on the huge screen whilst it was done..

Go for a daily walk for starters & get a second opinion when it comes to aspirin
been on Aspirin since Summer '94!
Bruise as easy as a Grape!grin
Already in my routine and twice a day a few times a week.
I used to take a coated 81 mg aspirin daily in the morning until I read about a 2013 Dutch study suggesting taking it at night might give more protection against heart attacks or strokes.
If I were you I would make it a daily walk every day.
Hi Chatillion wave
Last time I met my doctor, he gave me a bunch.

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Ofcourse I took none. laugh
I cannot read the handwriting... it looks like he gave you love and kisses!

Aspirin 81 is also used to prevent blood clots. There are side effects with extended use. You should try to incorporate a brisk 45 minute walk into your daily routine. It's all about getting your heart rate up and improving your circulation. yay
TOUCHE thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
No one can, except pharmacists laugh
81 mg sounds like baby asprin!?!
Aspirin can irritate the stomach lining, especially with long term dosing.
I believe the Low-Dose has a safety coating to reduce stomach problems.

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Since the Sciatic nerve flareup, I alternated aspirin and acetaminophen for a few days.
That pain subsided and I'll probably get back on 1/4 aspirin daily.
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