I haven't been feeling good..

For the past few days, I've been extremely uncomfortable. Nausea after eating, headache and a light fever. This resulted in me booking an appointment at my doctor. Hopefully it's not something serious.

One of my friends actually had a good explanation for that: Lack of water. I drink a lot of sodas, but not enough actual bottled water, so maybe that's why I'm feeling so awful. Maybe I need to drink a LOT more water. So tomorrow, I'm gonna drink nothing but water. No soda. No energy drinks.


If that helps, I'm gonna be happy, because I hate feeling awful.
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For sure you don't need all the sugar that is in soda's Philip plus look at the money you save
Yes, drink a lot of water.......................wave
Water is much better for u.hope u feel better.
If you are anyone else want it straight
..come on over for the big win..
Kill TV... immediately family N O W.
Food grade hydro peroxide + alkaline water
Elderberry formula { trade name, Sambucol .
( ..kills flu, COVID, omicrok ..etc. )
Aloe vera juice ) .may be hard to find in your area.
Lemon zest & peel.
Cinnamon + local honey { that & Lemon was thought to be the cure for anything in the Roman empire.

Enough for now..) .. standby
You have been filling yourself up with too much sugar, it's a wonder that you are not running around like the Energizer Bunny!...........Get well soon.......
Maybe visit a pharmacy, get a professional opinion for free.
Dear Philipsen
Month of July and August bring bacterial infections in Air because of humidity.
Boile water at home and consume at least 16 glass in a day. You will feel better in 24 hours.
Get well soon. bouquet
I'm sure you don't realize how awful any sort of soda is for you - if not now it will surely affect your health as you age more. Energy drinks are you making someone else rich while you get poorer. You tube how to make your energy drink or how to get energized. You don't need the doctor until you see if the water helps.
I'm hoping this thread shows you that you cannot always get sound medical advice from people off the internet!

Drink more water and less soda? Absolutely!

Drink 'food grade' hydrogen peroxide? This guy just told you to poison yourself. 'Food grade' does NOT mean it can be take internally! Unless, that is, you wish to risk "stomach upset, an episode of vomiting, or throat irritation" (poisons.org) or even a stroke if you get a gas embolism.

As for the 'yeah, don't bother with the doctor - just drink water'. Whilst I'm not one for running to the doc with every pain or sniffle immediately, you'd been suffering for a few days now - The doc was the way to go.

Hope everything turned out OK, BTW.
A doctors visit is free as well, which is what I'll do on Monday. Go to the doctor, that is
Hydrogen peroxide is not meant to be ingested at all, so I'm not even going to entertain the idea of consuming that. I don't know who came up with this idiotic "cure", but I'm not going to poison myself.
Your body needs at least 2litres of water daily to efficiently carry out its processes. If you don’t like it plain, flavour with cucumber, lemon, favourite fruit etc.,
If consuming at the same time as a meal, Chilled water as well as some cold beverages contract the blood vessels and also restrict digestion. The natural process of absorbing nutrients during digestion is hindered when you consume chilled water, so room temperature beverages are best. Same with tea/coffee, these shouldn’t be drunk within thirty minutes either side of eating.
Good luck with your water consumption!
Decades ago in USAF pilot training, we were biefed to avoid the morning coke from the soda machines. Reason: both caffeine and SUGAR are dehydrating. <High school chemistry taught me that the digestion of sugar requires water, but I forgot). This point was repeated on each of my tours in Southeast Asia. I should also mention that hot temperatures are bad as far as getting you dehydrated, but both heating and air conditioning are also very dehydrating.
In spite of knowing all that, I myself had a bout with dehydration.
Good luck.
I've been drinking green tea for over a year now, decafe because I have an ulcer. I drink it hot and also iced. I boil and filter my water. I don't trust plain water from the tap. I like to flavor my tea with mint or chamomile tea. But sweeten with Stevia.
I usually have a couple bottles of water (my boiled and filtered) water and a few cups of tea a day.
Dehydration will cause you to have a fever. Cut down on salted foods also.
Fatal facts from the pharma Farm...
..the List....
Grapes, cherry tomatoes, peaches, apples, celery..
...but the worst one is POTATOES. .Why.?
Because in Amerika, all those natural foods R
Loaded with add- on spray toxins.

One of the better, cheap, household rinse for said items ...is a mix of warm water, lemon juice
And FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE... which is traditionally not to be found at a grocery store...but in a health food store.
Regular hydrogen peroxide is a first rate tooth cleaner & germ killer...esp. when combined w/ baking soda...and is 4,000% superior to store bought toothpaste with glycerin ) ..the medical secret that provides dentists with repeat business, repeat business.
..it is always hoped for that people would do their own local read search...for example, local honey is better than commercial honey from L A.... nature herself should have learned you that.
I think you might be coming down with it. Every time I was sick with a cold always changed my toothbrush about the time when I was feeling better.. Never sick in over 23 years.

you live with other people do you leave your toothbrush in the bathroom. Since covid and with the data saying you could get it from a number two don't leave it hanging in the toothbrush holder.
I also drink a lot of OJ and about more than most. I just was on a glass. sometimes in a week almost three gallons. But I like soda when I'm hot from yard work. Coffee drinker and will drink water for thirst.
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