Mike Lindell, your pillow guy...

When Trump was president, Mike Lindell was in the news. I'm guessing he poured money into the Trump campaign and bought rights to have White House clearance as he was there often. He was banned from Twitter but not as a claim to fame. Let's (try to) get past that, but his name keeps popping up in some weekly news.
I think he was in the wave of those protesting of election fraud... I believe he was in the boat with attorney Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani. Those too have a handful of lawsuits against them and Mike is just icing on the cake.

This week, it's reported awaiting food at a Hardee's restaurant, the FBI with a warrant seized his cellphone.

Mike, next time, spend the $150 and get a pre-paid (burn) phone.
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naa..just smash 'em with hammers....
OP, Maybe you have a neighbor you can turn in , you seem a big fan of the police state cheering applause cheering
Ahh... the weaponized police state.

You do realize Mike's been on an FBI watch for a while?
While Mike and Donald were 'horrified' they are still talking about a rigged election.
No answer needed...but do you think things over
Without TV...or R you entirely TV dependent ?..

The question is. Without campaign ing & without any charisma...how do you out Vote prince Obama
With 81 million votes ?
Now then, in 2016 Hillary Clinton could not fill a high school gymnasium in the bluest $tate in the world
Chinafornia...) . Capiche.

Yes he has been on fbi watch list, so he lost his rights because he believes the election was stolen. Therefore he is violent and a danger to democracy.

Embedded image from another site
I'll wager he got on that list before Biden became president
For the record... The Beatles were on the FBI's list too!
For the record...the FBI is a govt. Agency.
The last time some one caught them performing
A good deed, Joe McCarthy was a Senator.
Now then. [ This is for Conservative & independent s

Hypocrisy hypothetical question ?

Reichmarshal Clinton wins 2016 $election.
$0, in March 2020....how does FOX, Limbaugh, O really & Hannity entice Conservative s...to go & get the Ultra Safe Experimental Vaccine ? ..

Hint. ) .as Trump's NY penthouse is a monument to Apollo, the um, HEALER...no other person/ candidate could $0 easily persuade a Rush Limbaugh- for example- to become even mildly enthusiastic about a National Quarantine & warp speed vaxx. Rollout.
...pt.2...for your info. ) . Hippocratic oath begins..
I swear by Apollo, healer...
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