Highly educated, but...

It's amazing to see the number of women on CS with a master's degree making less than $25,000. Many cannot type a coherent sentence.
Highly educated, but... a waste of money.
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1. 25,000 somewhere in asia may be quite a bit more than you and I have ever made.
2. Can't string a few words together? Is English their native language? They probably can write their own language a lot better than you and I put together.

I think we should never judge a book.
On top of that, there's more to a job than the salary. Job security and satisfaction, easy of switching jobs and so on.

You know, ultimately, education changes your mindset. It's not as much as what you learn at University. It could be something as useless as political 'science' or art. It's the extra gears you gain in the process.

For example, I can compromise on anything in a potential partner (with the exception of the shape of her behind) but certainly not on the intellect. Sure enough, I've come across several women who did not have degrees and yet they had more brains than most, but even then, they were inevitably avid readers or 'informed' in some other way. Sitting flat on your behind behind the till of your little shop will make you a lot of cash alright but dumb you were, dumb you are, and dumb you'll remain.
I think university is more about the protracted childhood of the most privileged people ever to have lived than it is anything else.

But foreigners still live in a world of white kudos therefore they assume the education has merit like the old days where you got to university because you were intelligent and what they then taught you was relevant. The good old days where a degree meant something other than 25 year old child.
I'm talking generally of course not in absolute terms. It's the 80% to which university has become Mickey Mouse with the remaining 20% more competitive than ever before - partly to pay for this protracted education of remedials.
no, you two guys are talking through your hats - metaphorically. They are unlikely to be or say they are from a poor country. The odds strongly lean towards a come-on, scam on the horizon. I get these usually 'American' 30+ something, comely, Masters and not a lot of moolah. I'd lean towards the scam theory. Usually they say 'Hello handsome, how's it going today?' I'm sure the females here get the same stuff. At least 95% of my mails and likes are of this kind.
I think you see scammers everywhere, though. Both our arguments stand irrespectively.
i understand chat's point. i think we, and the women as well, all see the same at times.

i don't think all are scammers. maybe not all a waste of money, especially if just starting out.

i do think caution. there are some, male and female, that may be taken in. just hope they hit that one legitimate against the odds of hitting the scammer or true waste.
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