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News this morning that Alec Baldwin will be charged with involuntary manslaughter in 'Rust’ film shooting.

Cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, 42, was working on the set of the Western 'Rust' when she was shot and killed by the film's star, Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed will each be charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter. First assistant director David Halls has already agreed to plead guilty for the charge of negligent use of a deadly weapon.

Baldwin was sitting in a pew in the area's church practicing his cross draw, facing the camera and crew and pointing the revolver toward the camera lens, when the shooting occurred. Halls had handed the gun to Baldwin while proclaiming "cold gun," to let the crew know a gun with no live rounds was being used. Hutchins was killed by a live round inside the gun.

Halls reportedly told investigators that he didn't know there were any live rounds in the gun when he gave it to Baldwin.

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I really don't know what to make of that.

I guess we'll find out more at the inevitably highly publicised trial.
Alec’s attorney Luke Nikas said in a statement, “This decision distorts Halyna Hutchins’ tragic death and represents a terrible miscarriage of justice. Mr. Baldwin had no reason to believe there was a live bullet in the gun – or anywhere on the movie set. He relied on the professionals with whom he worked, who assured him the gun did not have live rounds. We will fight these charges, and we will win.”

You need all of the details. This was not the first incident involving weapons being used on this movie set. It was allegedly so bad that some crew members had quit citing carelessness as the reason for leaving.
Baldwin was one of the producers of the movie - not just an actor in the movie, and he should have cleared the gun before handling it. Once it's in your hands you are responsible for it.
"and he should have cleared the gun before handling it. Once it's in your hands you are responsible for it."

I'm afraid so. If Baldwin had done that, he probably would have yelled "Hey! There's a live bullet here!" Why would live ammo be on any movie set? Who put it there?
Or even perhaps, why is a real gun on a movie set?

Or why are so many movies made that revolve around violence and gun violence? It's a rather clumsy and unsophisticated human conflict genre.

But thanks for the links and explanations, chaps.
What a kerfuffle. My first impression is that the armourer was most at fault and then Alec slightly worse than the rest of the productions so-called management. I know it was a western, but you're pretending to be a bunch of cowboys not seriously a bunch of cowboys.
We hear this the whole day, on the TV.....................
Yes, I to wonder why real bullets would be used, and nobody checks the gun
Or even perhaps, why is a real gun on a movie set?

Props don't look and sound like real guns.
There lots of factors to consider:
Movie set, New Mexico law, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed failing to do her job, the person handing the gun to Baldwin declared it 'cold'

All of this goes to a jury and depending on his defense, this may only be fines and no jail time for Baldwin.
More factors that will come up in court.
Did Baldwin have possession of the gun seconds before filming started or a lengthy time prior?
Does every actor do this or do they trust the 2 handlers who's job it is to secure the weapon?

When this story first broke, it was reported the same gun was used for target practice when they weren't filming. Surely this was part of the investigation.
"Or why are so many movies made that revolve around violence and gun violence?"

Cuz dat's whut Duh Peepelz want and will happily pay for.
This is going to cause a shakeup in the movie industry making every actor responsible to check the weapons they are handed that were checked and certified by weapons professionals.

Actor Steven Pasquale's comments:
He felt safe, he said, because he relied on the professional props experts and the armorer who had checked and shown him the gun.

“We are artists — we are not actual cowboys, actual cops, actual superheroes,” Pasquale said. “We are not Jason Bourne. I can’t even begin to imagine an actor having the responsibility of now needing to be the safety person on the set regarding prop guns. That’s insane.”

Story link:
Which then begs the question about training actors and maintaining some kind of licence.

You perhaps can't hold actors responsible unless they've been trained, their contracts state their responsibility and it's a legal requirement to do the above.
Lets not lose sight of the fact that Hayla was working on a pedofile documentary.

Just like Anne Heche supposedly died in her Ron away car at 90 mph in a residential neighborhood.

Just like Cappri who said I am not suicidal and then was sudicized.

See the pattern. Anne was in a body bag as she broke out of it and sat straight till they forcefully pushed her back down into the ambulance and never seen again.

There are many others who tried to expose the pedofilia in Hollywood....all dead.

That was no accident for Hayla it was in your face murder.
You are certifiably insane. What kind of idiot 'remembers' such nonsense and then has the sheer lunacy to associate it with the killing.
Lets hear what Issac Kappy says:

Isaac Kappy Tried EXPOSING Hollywood Before MYSTERIOUS Death

Those who keep protecting the demons of this world have one purpose....that is to make you believe it never happened.

So many questions and probably no answers. My dad handed me his .22 rifle when I was 12 cause he knew they had taught me well. Even so..repeated the 50 rules of gun use.roll eyes When holding my rifles or revolvers, my finger is always on the outside of the guard of the trigger until aimed to fire. I switched from my double action back to single cause dislike not having to c*ck. Brought a new single which now comes with a pin so dont have to carry on empty chamber like old singles.
I dont know blanks. Are they marked a special way? As far as I know, they are normal bullets with no powder? Do they have to have a slug in so if facing the open chambers, they look real?
Why were there real bullets on set? Target practicing? What idiots allow that on a movie set? If it was not in the script for Baldwin to aim and shoot at that time, why was he? Was it intended that the movie actor he was to shoot in the script the real target for execution?dunno
I agree that it is the armorers responsibility to keep an eye on guns. Perhaps charge Baldwin with stupidity?
And the producers and director and whomever who allowed the target practice.
I grew up with the main rule..never point a gun at a person unless you plan on shooting them. And then make sure to kill them. And make sure your own life is in danger.very mad
Why were there real bullets on set? Target practicing? What idiots allow that on a movie set?

Some movies use real guns (and not props) that fire blanks because of the effect with recoil, flash and smoke. Google it if you are uncertain. Have you seen an actor take a shot and eject the empty casing? I doubt prop guns/rifles can do that. An actor 'off-set' doing target practice to learn about the gun he is actually using in the movie doesn't sound strange if the 2 people in charge of weapons/props are doing their jobs correctly. We're back to the part of making the actors (in all movies) responsible and not only Alec Baldwin.

Rust is a movie in an old Western setting, so the weapon is more likely a Colt and not Glock. Different set of circumstances.

Again, there is too much we don't know about what scenes were being filmed.
Were there any closeups of the barrel with bullets (blanks) in it?
Does he at any time shoot and reload?

We're all guessing here.

As far as one of the charges to Alec, actor or not, it's his project and his liability. Reports that the armorer was lax on safety and people walking off the set will be part of the case.

How his defense presents this to a jury for the deciding factor and not one of us citing gun safety is how it will play out!
There is a chance that many of the readers opinions will be shot-down.
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