Play ball !

Bless me, CS it's been 3 days since my last confession... I mean blog. grin

Although I just got done mowing the lawn, today I've been a bit lazy. blushing
This due to 4 excuses.... er... reasons.
Number 1, it's hot. It's been up to 88 F. today.
Number 2, I didn't get much sleep on Friday night.
Number 3, it's Sunday. Didn't even God get to rest this day ? tongue
and Number 4, I played 3 games yesterday.

First I had a softball double header (2 games back to back) starting at 9 am and then at 4:30 pm I played 9 innings of baseball.

I thought about this on the drive back home last night and I do not recall EVER playing 3 softball/baseball games in the same day, even as a kid. Wait, no I have done this. I just remembered. I've done this during tournaments. I almost forgot about those. Well, I guess I did forget..for a bit.

Nonetheless, I have a softball doubleheader just about every Saturday until September, but sometimes we play baseball on Sunday and sometimes on Saturday. Those Saturday triple headers are challenging. I've got one again next Saturday. Groan !

Oh well, the games and the challenges are fun and I should be thankful that I am physically able to play. thumbs up

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i'm not in good enough shape for that but you go boy .
Thanks Adam. I'm going to do it as long as I can.
Luckily, I've had no serious injuries yet.
Then, I guess I'll take up something much less athletic, like golf or something. Look out Tiger ! laugh
Plus, I'll focus on my pool game more. grin
Baseball rulez!
You betcha ! applause
Does that base ball bat have honey on it, or something, to make it stick to his hands and feet??? Tee hee hee. Jac xxx
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