What is worse !?

Hey All ,
I hope everyone doin just fine ...
wondering what do you think of this .. which one is worse
losing the love of your life !? or one of your beloved parents ?

let me know what you think ..
May God Bless you All teddybear teddybear

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PAIN IS PAIN..!!!moping
Thats definitely no camparison.

They would be both hard to deal with.heart beating
Lost my mother and my partner left me within a few weeks the pain is unbelievable wouldn,t wish it on my worst enemy crying blues moping
yah ..Both are hard
I lost my Father three years ago in the same time that i've lost my only love .. and since then .. I can't go on ..moping
Dear Swan,

Both are painful. But losing a parent is much much worse. Irreparable loss. You may get a lover again, but never your parents.
I agree with max, parents can never be replaced. I lost my dad a few years ago and still miss my best friend ever. A few weeks before that my wife ended our marriage and went with another guy, I lost my job and a good buddy in an accident too. Miserable period in my life to say the least! Both are really painful but in different ways I think.
Not a easy one but losing your parents would have to be much worse. The are the ones that raised you sometimes one of your bestfriends and who made you, in some cases, who you are today. Love comes and goes. There is always time to heal never time to give up hope. Let the memories of your partner live on inside you and remember one of the reasons he lived was to make you happy. I would feel that when you are ready in life he would want you to do that be happy and live life to its fullest. Easier to say then live I know.
i lost my mother 4 months ago and it is by far the worst feeling
Dear sister
Loss of the father or mother something great,,, your invitations to them to enter heaven,,, that had also lost my mother since I was young,,
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