Otterly cute !

Yes, grammer police.
I KNOW it's not a word tongue

Nonetheless, I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some
river otter pictures. applause

Last night I posted a new photoalbum containing 75 photos
that I snapped back on 3/2/2012 in Florida.
These photos include a very strange spider, that reminds me of
a crab somewhat. It has a pointy spiked shell.
There are also some Limpkin photos.
Some of you may remember when I blogged about seeing
this rare bird for the first time.

There are sunset photos from that evening as well as snowy egret,
tricolored heron, little blue herons and oyster photos, as well as some other creatures, even a puppy. dancing dog

However, one of my favorite wild animals is the otter.
They look like that have so much fun. applause

Anyway, here is the link to this new photoalbum.
Take a peek, if you like and let me know which are your favorites
of the album. I have each photo "tag"ged with what animal is being photographed

Thanks & have a great day & night ! wave
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Comments (17)

Thank you for the peak I jus thad. The otters are really lovely.hug teddybear
Thanks W. I'm glad you enjoyed them. head banger
rolling on the floor laughing Hiya J- I didnt see anything, that i liked this time. Well maybe next time. So! put some more photos up for me, today! Would you? Or send them to my yahoo address. . .
Grammer police? I don't see any grammAr police.. tongue giggle hug wave
A - Well, one can't please everyone ALL the time. dunno
Try looking at them tomorrow. tongue grin

S - I was HOPING someone would catch that. rolling on the floor laughing
tongue Watch - Out J.- Naw! Im not that good angel. And i will look at them tomarrow! I will fine something to like, even if i have to add in a photo. roll eyes
thumbs up

Hi Jim! kiss

I liked all the photos!
And herons and the spider is very well
I love the sunset and you it is very beautiful
And photo on 7401 (2) your otter smiles... lol.
Thanks Jim I had the pleasure of watching!

A - keep it up and you'll have to turn in your wings & halo innocent scold grin

F - I'm glad you enjoyed them. You're right, it does look a little like a smile in that photo. Good catch ! thumbs up
scold Im sorry jim. Geesh! Can you take a joke. Again! Sorry hun. rolling on the floor laughing
Me joke ? Never. innocent
laugh Yeah right J . . . . Now! thats, another joke*
Hola Jim,
Beautiful shot.thumbs up
I'll check your album later this evening..
Been so long...hug cheers teddybear beer banana
Hola, mi amiga ! wave
I wondered where you would go when Multiply ended, Jim. Does Bebo allow for blogging?

Nice photographs, by the way.
Thanks A. I'm glad you enjoyed them.
I think Bebo has either forums or blogging.
I haven't explore that aspect of it yet.
It's such a shame that Multiply 'went down'.
There is no site that comes close to what it offered.
I always believed that 360 was better than Multiply, but ... yes, the market does seem to be distinctly lacking for writers.

If you find somewhere that comes close, you really must share that
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