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You can find a hitman online, can you believe it.

Can find a hitman online, can you believe it. Was just browsing for a trouble maker, intimidator to hire, and came across this.

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ye, there is a israeli girl, she looks like a soft pretty barbie doll who wouldnt hurt a fly.
but underneath that, she is a phsicopath and she doesnt discrimate. anything alive, she kills it, including yourself if you dont pay.
Hello whtwhb my friend,how much does she charge ? someone cut me off in the supermarket earlier (trolley rage)and ive been plotting my revenge all evening,this hitman sounds like the way forward....laugh laugh only jokin guv, truth it doesnt surprise me that hitmen can be arranged,,online though...thats scary my friend...teddybear conversing uh oh roll eyes detective detective detective dancing dog tip hat reunion group hug hole rose snowglobe bunny
ye, its not cheap, $8000 for a family member,work colleague, or any other thorn in your side and the pets.
$16000 for family member and partner, pets etc.
$24000 for the full family I think.

shes pretty hot. Im attracted to her already.
Im not cheap, just so you know handshake
laugh You wouldn't have to kill me, just wear me down to a nub.
thanks for the tip Pendaguay, think Ill just keep phoning, moaning, fighting, bullying, causing havoc etc, etc. Its hard work, but alot cheaper.

Well, it worked in the bank the other day, when I threatened to blow it up, if they didnt give me my money. Was pretty surprised, thought they would have called security to just arrest me, or throw me out.
Oh ye butterflies, no, these are jobs for intelligent pysycopaths who cant get or keep a normal job.
No, well, Im just looking for a thug or someone that will roughen my big rich corrupt thieves up a bit, to let go of something of mine and stay let go. Put it that way.
Sure it's not like phone sex, hottie pic but grossly overweight with chin hair.
Be hard for authorities to track down. NOT.rolling on the floor laughing
@ whtwhb - Any 'hitman/woman' that you may find on-line is probably an under-cover cop..... scold .... cool cheers
Agree, there is no way that a professional hitman/woman would advertise online. I am not a Technical Nerd but i do know , much like childporn for instance, as soon as you would go into these, they are Traps they have your details immediately. It would be pretty stupid for somebody to go online and advertise.
However, a notorious Woman here in Ireland who had her husband killed by a HitMan did, infact trawl the net and arranged with a man to do it. It is not easy to find however and the person doesnot say online what they do... for obvious reasons.
They dont want to end up in Jail .
Be careful what you type into your computer because everything is watched and recorded. Have a nice day
I think you are hot for under cover police mansir bobby rolling on the floor laughing
No, its ok, put my thinking cap on tonight.
and came up with a beautiful plan.
went to a terrorist site, made trouble there, put my thieves addresses on there.

so hopefully, that will work.
If you want to stay out of trouble...your doing yourself alot of careful...sigh
You sound as you're very bored and need to steer up somewhere trouble to get amused but remember old saying;"When kids playing with fire they get burned"grin

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