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Why are some rich people still extremely jealous o

Why are some rich people still extremely jealous of poorer ones than themselves.

Just walking to a clothes store today, didnt buy much, just browsing. then bought airtime for the phone, when the manager there, says to me, That flat of yours is too much.

I say to her, no its not, the other ones are double in price.
"I know the value"

she says: "No man" that flat is ........waaa, waaaa, waaaa. whatever"

I said to her, oh, your a taker, you dont want me to have anything,.

It ended up in huge fight......... and so, she said, I mustnt come back to the store.

"Whats new" just makes me sick, that the ones who have all the good jobs and money, are the ones that are more bitter, and more jealous, and feel its there right, to tell you, you cant have anything.

I mean it really p..... me off, Im much higher educated, I have just about nothing, she does, and yet, we deserve to have nothing.

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Simple theories my dear friend,, you have what she cannot have even she got money that is the all point,, there are many of them...
@ whtwhb - Maybe she wants you to move in with her..... laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

.... grin cheers
Ah yes Hans thank you for remine me that was the thing then.... she has a crush on him dancing dancing
Well, looks like You definitely have something that she doesn't have applause cheering hug
Why don't you go back to the store and ask her?applause rolling on the floor laughing applause
WHT I agree with you, I used to have a very good job and money.
Now, through recession, I donot have. I have had very nasty comments from people , I only work part time. So very little money but I am not lazy. Yet, this person said to me, 'isnt it well for you that you can afford to buy the best food ' Well, I dont drink or smoke and havent had a holiday in a number of years, so I just said 'There you are ' and left the Basket with Groceries on the Table at the Till. It was an expensive piece of rudeness.
I think its endemic, they feel that you have no right to be happy. They are obviously not happy with t heir money and how dare somebody suggest how and where you should live. Its abusive and I woudnt let somebody say that to me, I would walk out and that would be it. cheers
Like I have always said. Negitive attention, Positive attention. It is all the same. You are noticed! That in its self should put a smile on your face.
thank you goldenglass,

I realize you are cancer and the other lady is libra.
and I realize, in this town, they are all pisces, leos, and some scorpios.

the scorpios seem to be unemployed. the pisces have all the jobs, but are corrupt. and they just sit there with their fat bellies crying victim.

and the leos are the bossy ruthless ones like O....
Rich ones don't make investment with their own money
but with other people thing to do.devil
Hey wyatt, im a jamming to PINK, read your blog, and one her songs, Mr.Presidentm you need to my comment cheers
Yes Bungallow, they did to me. I call them the worst thieves.
and they dont give those investments back, ever.
apparently you didn't like me song blues

Who told you that butteflie, I havent looked yet.
must be a set up, usually the case.
I always found that it's the middle class not the upper class that truly resent the working class and anything it thinks or feels. Politics is a great example, anything nationalist, anything illiberal and anything that reflects the working class hatred of mass immigration and multi-culti can cause foaming of the mouth amongst many members of the bourgeoisie who want to replace the British poor with foreign slaves.

The upper class, however, seem to value both physical and mental acumen, so I always found the really posh to have more in common with and more respect for me from a council estate than people you find in the sub-rich suburbs that place all their value in their slightly above-average brainpower and(unsurprisingly)no value in their clumsy and spasticated limbs.
<------- is rich
<------ is only jealous of ppl richer than him very mad

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