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Love & Attraction

There was something about her. confused
Initially I couldn't quite put my finger on it. thumbs up
But, there was something very special about her. wow
At first I thought it might be her beautiful smile, grin
or perhaps her lovely eyes, or maybe her laugh. laugh
It might be a stretch to say this,
but I found her refreshingly unique smitten
and all I know, is that I was instantly attracted; love

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Comments (16)

Impressive ...

in so many ways...grin
cannot say no I agreeapplause applause
OMW, that's me, I think I was in my twenties then,,,,banana banana
Either bold or brasillian shave that make her bold enough to do such action.... :)
uh oh Jimmie: Which one are you talking about? Its about 4 of them. Plus! Val too. That makes 5 of them in all. . . . . rolling on the floor laughing
Angel, well what do you think of the young me?banana banana
A - Lets just say, that one has a....leg up on the others. grin

T - I'll have to check it out. grin

V - So, you are better at it now due to lots of practice ? grin

Z - and I agree with your agreeing. handshake

D - Let us count the ways... cheers
J.- I hear yah! . . . .rolling on the floor laughing
Well Jim, they say if you got it, flaunt it!!!yay yaybut hey I'm just a silly woman like my friend says! dancing
V - There are much worse attributes than silliness.
Indeed, it can be a good thing. thumbs up

A - My blog comments have sound ? dunno grin
Hello Jim,

I am still trying to figure out what it was that made you instantly attracted here. laugh thumbs up
Was that a stretch?...dunno
J - I'll give you a hint. It wasn't her library card. laugh

l - I'd like to think it was an invitation. laugh
It looks like it would you have insurance?...hahawine
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing tongue she has read kama sutragrin
L - I have ensurance that she will make me very happy. applause I'm working on the in part. wink

R - I certainly hope so ! banana

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