Wow, The more I watch the news the more I see of how much of a troubled world we are living in now.

Yet I can complain of what something someone might have said about me.


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Whoa. Are you in the women's disappointment blog line,or starting the men's line.
2018 sad flower
Stop watching the news and go to your local hooters bar
Ash laugh maybe both yay
Bnaughty laugh Very good advice are you going to join me there cheers
I've sorted them and sent Two guys over to your line
Maybe a few more women and you can start line dancing.
Ash, I can't dance are you going to teach me dancing
Happy New Year
Ask LJ ,maybe she is sorting blogs too. Definitely requires Cha-cha.
Are you in distress and need a damsel.
Wenever, I sure am!wow laugh
Don't always believe what you read or watch!
Some are just fakes but only to make you believe.
Once you are dragged into their agendas, they win!

Happy new year, Wenever! bouquet
Please take the ladies in line One somewhere other than seems new year's Eve music is always
Celtic so drunk dancing is preferred.
Kal do not go to hooters.
Hi LJ wave Happy new year to you also, and hope you have a great 2018
Bnaughty we should have been there last night laugh But ready whenever you are cheers
Kal wave you are right about the news, I keep telling myself not to watch as much, but always end up watching.

Happy New Year
Ash laugh I was hoping you would bring a van load of beautiful women to Hooters to join me and Bnaughty.

call me later with details rolling on the floor laughing
Those hooters girls would loose their tips..wink
Where's Stuck,over at the Tilted Kilt.devil
Oops! tell me! help .....what I´m gonna do now? crying

drink pouring
Ash,. I believe they might loose some tips to. But we shall see. laugh
Hi Cach. wave how was your night. I tried the toilet paper thing,. Yes it was fun. banana
What Bn said cheers
Also Kal.

Hi Mic. wave I agree. cheers
Hahahaha now we shared something wine

My night was cool enough, had dinner with my neighbours, we were 5 people so we had a little of conversation and after that we went to watch fireworks (I LOVE it!!!!) there were no at the sea but it was ok...not bad, much better than 2017 (that was easy lol!) so it´s a plus ...oh! and I did a little "very me" thing that made me really happy, kind of spell LOL!

All good so far ...thanks for asking! Hope you have had a good time too my friend ...besides watching the news today hug
I no longer watch the news dunno

It's not as if we are being told everything anyway, what we get comes through different sets of filters and even what gets through the filters has been hugely biased

I used to listen to the headlines on the radio as I drove to and from work but now I can't find an English-speaking radio station and you know what, I don't miss it. So long as the road is in front of me, the important things are in place. Does it help to know we're trembling on the brink of nuclear weapons being fired in anger? That people have died, or broken laws, or been awful to other people? That those I have never met and will never meet and cannot help are in dire need?

Not so much. Ignorance is bliss, being well-informed is angst, and I don't like angst.

Give up the telly for a month, eh? See how you get on comfort

Oh, and ignore things said about you laugh I was told early on in my writing career that 10% would hate my stuff, 10% would love it, and the rest wouldn't care either way. That works in life, too

Hi Biff. wave I hope you are having a great New year's day and a great 2018. I like the part where you said the rest don't care, that is very true. thumbs up

Yes watching the news is a bad habit, I am drunk on news. laugh
Naah, no more bad news for;s so negative and worse part, there's nothing we can do about itsigh
CH,. Yes there is nothing we can do about it,. Very true. thumbs up

Yes, Wen, no more news for me . Funny thing, I was sitting with friends earlier, friends I haven't seen for many months, instead of catching up, they started debating about Jerusalemdoh I made myself a cup of coffee and tried to hard to keep quietlaugh
CH. laugh was it hard on you to keep quiet in conversation,. And I wonder what they were thinking be about you not having anything to say.

I can see you now just saying...this coffee sure is good.... grin
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