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When I look into my imagination,
What I see defies explanation,
There are faeries and unicorns,
And giant beanstalks with thorns,
Fighting to expand an idealistic inner world,
Fighting against evil, squeezing from the outside,
Like a boa constrictor curled.
Shooting stars and a sinking moon,
In the ocean of my mind a submarine sun rising soon,
Over coral mountains,
Reflected in glittery magickal fountains,
Surrounded by flocks of flying fish,
Each one allowing me a single wish,
Through crystal clear waters, watching the evening light wane,
Weaving time, space and thought on this, that and another plane,
Yes, inside my head, can seem a confusing,
Yet wonderful and strange place to be,
But it’s where I like to be when I write,
Do you see?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
AHA!......LOVIN it!

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Comments (22)

A magical imagination andrew. Gives us a glimse of why you can write with such power and creativity.. cafe thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Cheers Andrew cheers

Yes, I see!

Nice write hun.
millions of cells fired up to bring us such great inspitation
just wonderful..applause iam xx
whatever you do, andrew, do not switch your meds. laugh

it's a great thing to see, thanks for posting it up.
Weaving time, space and thought on this, that and another plane,
Yes, inside my head, can seem a confusing,

Brilliant Andrew!

Great minds think alike, yet not

as you say

But it’s where I like to be when I write,

I too dance around the many shooting stars of the mind.

everyone has their own imagination and yours is a wonderful place w/your boa constrictor,lol,,,another excellent and powerful imagination that works,,god bless you always cheers thumbs up
I gave up LSD back in the late 60s... laugh Nice trip andrew! beer
Hi, andrew149,
Thank you for providing us a glimpse into your imagination. Fighting to expand an idealistic inner world. It's simply marvelous as the magic surrounds!
you're an artist of senses'',Andrew..and not only 'in my imagination'...Thank you for sharing.
"In the ocean of my mind a submarine sun rising soon,"

Wow! Vintage Andrew!!!
I will drink just a glass of wine..Freeatlast..that's enough!
cheers...for inspiration and poets friends!wine
the freedom to dream, as only true dreamers can, imagination is wondrous, when given free rein, you drove a coach and four, to gather this wonderful piece of imagining, andrew, enjoyed this very much.
Wow a great, each line a story to be told. I waitteddybear
andrew, there's alot goin' on in there...can i borrow one of those flying fish? ;-)
"In the ocean of my mind a submarine sun rising soon"~that line is magical...I love the depths of where ones imagination can one!bouquet
Thankyou Cafe.....pleased you enjoyed it.....Andrewcool
trurorobonline today!
one day you just might catch one of those Unicorns, hey ho and off we go!
I see it all very well usual
very captivating description.

wine peace
Thankyou B.Y......for seeing.....Andrew...xxxcool
niah9online today!
Without doubt a weaver of dreams...a story teller...lovely much I still have to catch up with....Niahgrin teddybear
Thanks SS my old friend, glad you joined the club hey...Andrew...xxxcool
And what an imagination yours is!
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