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Explain To Me Please

We have come so far
here we are one hundred years
buildings high as the sky so it seems
trains planes automobils
freeways and highways and country roads
robots that tell us what too do
rovers on mars men walking on the moon
cell phones i-pods what to do
internet i can talk to you
a second around the world
ever thought why were so great?
generations before us six thousand years
we did this in one hundred years
Is it me or am I missing something?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
we possible can't be the greatest generation of all time in the span of 6 thousand years man been on earth. why only last one hundred years we are where we are?

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Nice theory my friend, have often thought along these same lines, it leaves two options, either everyone previously went somewhere else, or were wiped out....unfortunately there is no evidence for either....YET!......Well written too kickit......Andrewcool
Thank You Andrew. I could done more with it I would liked to have but I rushed it so not as good as I wanted. it gets the point across. dunno confused cheers
no we are not the greatest generation of all time, the most technologicaly advanced obviousley, each genration is special, in its own time, nice poem, kickit. idea
Thought provoking indeed!!
By evolving so quickly are we really so great!! Did we evolve technologically, economically and materialistically for our own good when it is at the detriment to our spiritual values!! Maybe we need to change tact. This huge jump is awesom but is it just a giant leap to our own self destruction??
thumbs up
I see your point Kickit, I suppose our desire out ways our needs. Just a thought.cheers

Your right were not the greatest generation of all. We can't figure out how they built the pyramids. the sun dials they used are even complicated for us to figure out. They even built the ships way different then we do. I watched the history channel. laugh cheers Thank you for your view. thumbs up

Your thoughts make us wonder even more. The greed of our needs as time has ticked. are we more selfish more needy then ever before through out history of time. is this our demise?frustrated Thank You rune8 I enjoyed your feedback.thumbs up

I believe your right. our desires of wanting more has evolved to being greedy. Thank you for your input.thumbs up
Hi, kickit22,
The generation that learns to conserve, share resources and effect peace would be the greatest. I just hope that all of our chemical, biochemical and technological advances(?) don't lead to our annihilation.
Sorry I meant 'Weighs' not 'ways' in weight doh

I'm afraid it seems like were headed in that direction. uh oh
Thank you for you input gnj.grin thumbs up

I knew what you meant..laugh thumbs up Thank you for clearing that up for others. in case they missed it.thumbs up
almost every generation feels they're the greatest...but how often has history been re-written to achieve this. technology begets greater technology within nanoseconds...the minds are sharp, in understanding manipulation of energy...but not focused enough to see what needs to be achieved for true greatness. k, off the digital soapbox...interesting thoughts, kickit, thanks for sharing...but ignorance and arrogance will always be our downfall.

Our time has been lost to the dirt we walk on thanks to the archeologist we only know so little of the generations of our past but at least we know a little. there were obviously great intellects in the past generations maybe there focus was on the world around them the universe! the better understanding of the world! were they building the foundation for us to where we are at? or are we so ignorant we don't give the generations before us the credit to which we are living? Thank you for your input Gashly interesting thought indeed. thumbs up
another thing for you to ponder kit?with in this generation,they are too smart than befores generation,,keep pondering dear till you get the answer,,another fantastic write and something to learn from your poem,nice one cheers hug teddybear
makes you think very nice my friend
Thank You Stillframe. somethen i thought about. Like Andrew says which I think is the most likely case is that civilizations were wiped out. The dinasores got wiped out so it makes sense.confused
sorry Jeddah I didn't mean to forget about your comment i was too busy pondering about this event.laugh I don't think will ever get an answer that satisfies the curiosity. but i think between Gashley and Andrew, if you combined the 2 i think it equals to where we are.Thank you jedday for your sweet comment.

Hello kickit!

A great thought provoking piece!
The intellectual wipe out, I believe carries through every generation and every era..
Greed Religion Power.
Till in the end they all consume each other.

Fascinating write kickit! and comments.

Keep that wondrus brain of yours sharing your thoughts..


Thank You so much for your input and your sweet comment.

There are eara's that have been wipped out. If you believe what the bible says. You have Noah's flood. Sodom and Gomorah. so on and so on. Even with those events taking place. The last couple thousand years you would think they would have invented some of the things that we know and use today or did it just simple take this long to develop the methods to know how to make what we use today? I know that we are about 30 years or even longer behind the technology that the military knows today. The military had the internet about that long or longer before they released it to the public. It would be fascinating to find out how much technology the government has today. The wonders never stops to cease.
we are what we are because of those that lived before us, how we evolve affects future generations the same way. it's not about being great or brilliant, it's about evolving to be the best we can.
thought provoking words...thumbs up
bouquet wave
thoughtful poem kickitt22..maybe the reason why the speed up has to do with a verse in the bible book of Daniel..saying how in the end times knowledge will run to and fro throughout the earth..good write..thumbs up
I guess what they say rome wasn't built in a day as the generation go bye the knowledge of building better and stronger technology improves. like they say practice makes perfect. Thank You lady for your
I guess what they say rome wasn't built in a day as the generation go bye the knowledge of building better and stronger technology improves. like they say practice makes perfect. Thank You lady for your
I think you really hit this one Serpico. More then anything I believe that is what the case is sign of the last days. Thank You so much for sharing that Serpico. beer
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