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just want too tell a story

About a man name
but now he is dead
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2013

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Comments (6)

Hi Kickit

I like FRED rolling on the floor laughing laughALREADY

Pray tell rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh

Somebody remembers him... well that's good enough for me dancing violin popcorn laugh
thumbs up

So Simple but...

Martinaxxx teddybear hug

Think we all would have liked Fred.
If we just knew who he was.
rolling on the floor laughing but it was such a short story..

We will never know now.confused .
too short a story Kickit...but lovely to hear form you again mate.. thumbs up
Did Fred leave his house in a will for me? That poor old scamp,may his soul rest in pieces.rolling on the floor laughing doh
Hi ya orient

It suppose to be a dead story,

Good hearing from you also.
Hope you are well..

Poet my friend, buddy

You wouldn't want that measly house with inly 23 bathrooms 118 bedrooms with 19 kitchens you deserve much greater then that.. but great news he left you his car it is an Olds Delta 88 but it is in 88 pieces it is all yours.. he said you were his fav..poet of all time. It was an honor for him to give you his personal car..he said he got many uses out of the back seat anf wanted you to cherish it till your final days..laugh
Sincerley Fred
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