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think this be a good challenging challenge for all

Create 3 stanza's
Each stanza is not limited how many or few words can be used
Each word must begin with the same letter
Each stanza's must use a different letter..

Here is my example

Fried freckled food
From fawns farm

Slowly simmering
Smoked sausage

Dinner date
Devoured digested
Delivered diariah
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2013
About this poem:
Something different maybe stupid but hope who ever try this will have fun.

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Comments (11)

Hi kick..sounds coolcool I will give it a go. I'm in lol definetly different challenge & helps with writing, as having trouble latelyfrustrated lol thanks forthe, challenge, need to put thinking cap on now laugh : lol...
Hi cherry.

Look forward reading from you. Maybe this will spark a slew of poems from you.
Ill be entering canada just couple hours. I wont be able to get online the international data use os too expensive..
Sounds great! Will gladly do it. Many thanks for "the good challenging challenge for all!" And very entertaining I would add! Best wishes, dear poet!!!cheering applause drinking
Hi Kickit wave
Was composing a poem for Spartacus challenge and saw yours too!
Fab idea and already posted one to meet your challenge :)

We all are going to have fun..yay Thanks again, wine bouquet
I will give it a try Mike,nice to see you around despite the daily schedules my friend.cheers
Yes I know, I was in Canada 2 wks ago....I didn't have service either...thanks for the challenge kick!! cheers
Haha! Great challenge, Kickit, and like you said, you're sure to get a slew of great answers.
I'm not really a poet but love challenges- just don't have time right now to have a go at it(oh dear-was just going to mention... well, I'll mention it anyway).

Wanted to say that last line - hilarious!

P.S.Over hear in the U.K., various stores have been found to have been using horsemeat in hamburgers, convenience foods,etc. Maybe your fried freckled smoked sausage gave you your delivery... (Nah, no one has gotten sick from the meat here-deception in the industry is the main concern)

But your example is still hilarious!! rolling on the floor laughing
My brother Kickit, how are you. I just wanted to reintroduce myself as from your old sister windyweatherly to have become the new smmerwind but the same old friend. just a tweak in the name. I will do my best to think of a good one for this and I will be possting on it soon.

Take care. ps how is the trucking business? I hope all is great..

Phyllischeers hug
done one hard but fun challenge lol
Yep, your example's still hilarious & the challenge certainly not stupid(and I finally got a little time) to join this revolution(even if it is over laugh )

CRB(Cat Right Back)
Revolutionary challenge applause
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